What do you think of the new look?

More content links will be coming quickly.

Update: Ok, the colors are much closer to what I wanted, plum and lavender instead of the pinks, and the links in the sidebar are larger, by request. How’s that?

25 Responses to “Opinions?”

  1. James Schee Says:

    It is certainly different. I can’t really say more until I see content here to see how the total package looks though.

    I do like the Navigation button, since there are times I just want to look up a specific review.

    My first thought on seeing the page though? “Huh, that’s a bright color scheme, with very small text for links.:)” You’ll have to give that small old fogie part of me that dislikes change some time to adapt.:)

  2. Brachish Says:

    The look is nice — clean and easy to read. But where’s the content? As of this writing, the navigation panel/search engine does not seem to be pulling up the old reviews… I’m still having to use google to find anything on this site. And it doesn’t look like any new posts have been made here in a long while….. ?

  3. Brachish Says:

    Will “Comics Worth Reading” be the official title now, or “Cognitive Dissonance”?

    If it’s up for debate at all, I’d combine the two… “”Cognitive Dissonance: Comics Worth Reading,” the first part being the catchy title, and the second part be the explanatory subhead.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Yeah, the colors are a bit brighter than I ideally wanted, but I couldn’t find the exact shade I was looking for.

    Brachish, I will be madly relinking items as I figure out how to use WordPress features to my advantage. (Right now I’m learning about category templates.)

    And CWR will be the official title. Thanks for asking!

  5. Mark Says:

    I like the overall design, especially the link box on the left hand side and the drop down menu for navigation.
    in general I think that the site really benefits from a clear design with thematically defined boxes.
    I think James is right concerning the size of the links. And there should be a higher contrast between font and background.
    the purple&pink on white background colour combination is a bit much for me (it’s hard to explain but in a way it’s too bright for the eyes and too conservative (sort of grandmotherly) ).

  6. Heidi M. Says:

    he main pink is a little dark.

    JOHANNA you must import old content! So much good stuff there.

  7. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, Heidi. I will be bringing much stuff over… but I also want to streamline the site to make the good stuff easier to find.

  8. Lyle Says:

    Overall I like the design (though I find myself missing the red) I’m hoping the old Comics Worth Reading content will be imported as well.

    Though, sigh, another reason I’ve got to get to updating my blogroll…

  9. John Says:

    I’ll get used to the color change, as long as the content remains up to par. It makes sense to combine all aspects of your site to make everything easier to find.

  10. Trochee Says:

    The look is very crisp. I like that it captures a lot of information without a lot of goofy graphics.

    Thanks for including the RSS meta-links on the sidebar, and I look forward to being able to find your reviews more easily (though site:comicsworthreading.com along with my keywords helps out pretty good with Google).

    I agree with Heidi M. above: please include your old material in the new format, if you can!

  11. David Oakes Says:

    The first color scheme coated, soothed, relieved. (Actually, my first thought was “Who is this girly-girl that hacked Johanna’s website?”) The purples make me want peanut butter. But like most readers, I am sure I will get used to it.

    (Though I will say that purple makes the “previously viewed” shade on URLs harder to distinguish.)

  12. Johanna Says:

    Lyle: I liked the red, too. At least you didn’t make a joke about me going from superhero colors to supervillain purple. :)

    John: Always my concern as well, to keep the content worth reading. I think this will be a positive change.

    And I’m definitely going to be moving all the recommend CWR book reviews over!

    David: That’s what KC said as well, “it’s awfully girly”. But I think we’ve reached a point where that’s no longer a detriment to being a comic commentator.

  13. Joshua Macy Says:

    I like the new look better.

  14. John Says:

    I must say I really like the idea of RSS feeds for comments. The only other blogsystem I know that has it is bloghorn.com, but I’m sure there are others.

  15. jdonelson.nyc Says:

    I have a suggestion, feel free to ignore it of course – but you might want to try making the box borders thinner (1px) and/or a lighter color.

    Other than that, I like the colors and I definitely like the usability (RSS links, meta info at the top of posts, etc.)!

  16. Lyle Says:

    At least you didn’t make a joke about me going from superhero colors to supervillain purple.

    Heh, well consider the identity of my personal dead horse (about whom I’ve got a post coming)… it’s not a supervillain that comes to mind when I think of purple and comics…

  17. James Schee Says:

    Ah, much better color scheme and I like the bigger type for the links.

    I hadn’t thought of the supervillain thing, I was thinking more of the coolest Legionnaire Shrinking Violet when I saw the new scheme.:)

    Yay to no ads I have to wait to load.

    Any chance of the navigation thing having a category feature? I liked being able to just check manga or DC or Marvel reviews lists.

  18. Mark Says:

    good stuff! the colour scheme looks a lot better now.

  19. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your help!

    James, the categories you’re looking for will appear as the content does.

  20. Rivkah Says:

    Love it! The layout feels easier to read and navigate, and I like how there’s a category for every post so I can read just the comics or manga news if I so choose. :)

  21. Johanna Says:

    Glad you like it! That was one of the big selling points of the new system for me — now the computer can build link pages for me instead of me having to hand-code them.

  22. Vincent J. Murphy Says:

    There’s no background color specified in the style sheet for the body: I assume it should be white. Since I browse with a default of dark gray, that’s the color of your background.

  23. Johanna Says:

    Oops! Fixed. It’s the most basic things that are easiest to overlook…

  24. Laura Says:

    Have you decided not to do previews recommendations anymore? I can’t find your december list on the site. I’ve discovered lots of great stuff I never would have noticed except for your list – so I hope you continue!

  25. Johanna Says:

    No, I didn’t stop — I was just running late, as usual. My new previews writeup is the newest post on the home page — thanks for letting me know you appreciate it!




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