Play It Again, Sam
December 10, 2005

Play It Again, Sam

Within the first ten minutes I noticed three things that made this movie feel much older than thirty years back:

  1. watching old movies at revival festivals and theaters, because they didn’t have VCRs or DVDs or old movie channels on cable
  2. the guy who has to keep checking in at the office gives out strings of phone numbers because they didn’t have beepers or mobile phones
  3. she’s stressed, so she takes a Miltown, which always reminds me of pre-liberation housewives

Also, Woody Allen claims to be 29, but he looks the same way he does now. Very talky, with large bits of monologue taking up scenes, and the Bogart impersonator isn’t all that good.

The only Allen film I’ve liked was The Purple Rose of Cairo, because of its interaction with the film-within-a-film. I am planning to watch Annie Hall with KC sometime, though, so maybe that will also be enjoyable, if only as a time capsule.

Generally, I don’t have a lot of patience for Allen’s endless whining about finding the perfect woman when he’s no catch himself and his life (as shown on film, anyway) is pretty good otherwise.

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