Stepford Wives/Prince & Me
December 10, 2005

The Stepford Wives

The remake, sadly. An unpleasant film that wastes its potential and gives the skin-crawling feeling at times that it actually believes the women and men are better off living their outdated domestic fantasies. I like Frank Oz much better as a puppeteer than a director.

The Prince & Me
The Prince & Me
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The Prince & Me

A cute modern Cinderella story with Julia Stiles. I like the way she gives a little edge to classic romantic material. The dark valet (with his side remarks that cut through pretension) is more my taste than the blond fencing and horse-riding prince, but still, it’s a lovely little fable, and a thematic sequel of sorts to 10 Things I Hate About You.

And hey! Directed by the woman who directed Real Genius, Martha Coolidge! And set in Wisconsin, KC’s old stomping grounds! And featuring a riding lawn mower race! Also turns out that the valet, Ben Miller, was working on a physics Ph.D. when he switched to acting.

Brainy guys are so cool.

4 Responses  
Barry writes:  

I just saw the Stepford Wives as well and was disappointed, as it could have been a much better film than it was. There were some really funny jokes and the idea of some men who are completely unable to understand and who feel intimidated by women, especially those more accomplished than themselves, is worth exploring. But an uneven, unsure script (were they robots or were they real, brainwashed women?) and direction pretty much ruined it for me.

James Schee writes:  

Yeah I watched the Stepford Wives during the free Showtime weekend. It just all seemed so flat and just really dumb. (their entire movie lineup for that weekend were a horrible way to try and get new subscribers)

I haven’t seen Prince & Me yet, I loved Stiles in 10 Things…, but haven’t really been drawn to anything else with her.

batoul writes:  

i love this movie is romantik ilike you my prince i love you so much bébé

batoul writes:  

i can’t speak good english but i say for this movie is succed i sure and felécitation good job thanks


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