Websnark on Best-of Lists

Eric at Websnark has some wonderful thoughts on reading best-of lists. It’s a welcome reminder, at this time of year, of how subjective such lists are, how they’re made in good faith, and how no one’s going to agree with all the items.

“To have a strip you adore not make some critic’s best of list doesn’t mean that critic is faulting your taste, but it feels like it does. So you get pissed off. And you don’t even have the excuse of false modesty for beating that angry reaction down. You’re not the artist — you have no stake in this. Therefore, you’re objective and those bastard critics are mean and wrong!

Except you’re not objective. You do have a stake in it. You have invested time and appreciation in your favorite comic strips. Reading the “best of” list and seeing the strip you’ve invested in appear is a validation. Seeing it fail to appear feels like a rebuke.

It’s not. Honestly.”

Then he talks about how to disagree without being disagreeable, pointing out that anyone can publish their own opinions on the net.

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