Marvel Digital Comics Relaunch

Marvel’s trying again with digital comics. I’m pleased to see that She-Hulk is one of the titles getting the promotional push, since it’s one of the two titles from them I follow. (The other is Young Avengers.) Others featured in the launch are Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (what could have been a good book damaged by a poorly thought-out crossover), Captain America, and their kid book Franklin Richards.

The user experience could be improved: the control panel is too confusing and overwhelming to new users, basic elements are missing (the scroll bar, for example, has no thumb to indicate where you are in the document), you can’t read a page as a page (you have to zoom into a panel in order to read the text); and they demand user registration to read their free offerings (even when newspapers are moving away from registration, because it only gets you dirty data).

I never tried their previous effort at online comic reading, so I can’t compare the two in terms of presentation or ease of use. I hope my readers will comment.

2 Responses to “Marvel Digital Comics Relaunch”

  1. Michael Eidson Says:

    Mike Wieringo said at that the plan is to do some stand-alone stories in FNSM, to distance itself from what was apparently a pretty dark crossover. FNSM is supposed to be more kid-friendly, after all.

    I’ve yet to jump on the digital comic bandwagon, but I figure I will one of these days.

    I’m enjoying the new look! Maybe a bit too much purple for my tastes, but I dig the category navigation and overall design.

  2. Johanna Says:

    With that title, the book shouldn’t be that gross and dark.

    My fear is that FNSM blew it with ill-conceived promotion. Many books don’t get more than one chance (if that) these days to click with the audience. And I doubt Marvel is going to make a big deal about a possible tone change — that could be seen as admitting a mistake, and no one likes to do that.

    (What’s wrong with purple? :) )




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