Unshelved is a collection of web comic strips about library workers.

The very first strip gives a good idea of the appeal and attitude involved, although the art has much improved from those early days. Dewey is a young adult librarian who has a love-hate relationship with his patrons. He’s happy to help them find a good graphic novel or build a website, but when he works the information desk, he doesn’t always have patience with stupid questions or obnoxious parents convinced their spoiled brats can do no wrong.

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Other characters include Tamara, the spunky children’s librarian; Merv, the obnoxious teen non-reader; Colleen, the cranky fixture who’s been a librarian forever; Ned, the naked civil libertarian; and Buddy the Book Beaver, the mascot who never takes off his animal suit.

Obviously, the built-in audience is those who work in libraries and have to put up with just these kinds of frustrations every day. But the characters are funny enough that even non-librarians will get a kick out of the humor. I especially enjoyed the strips about ways to increase teen usage of the library and what happens when you put a dinosaur in charge of the computer stations.

Librarians are on the front line of free speech issues, and I admire the light-hearted way the authors handle issues like concerns about filtering and appropriate reading for kids. I also like seeing how the librarians tease some of the sillier patrons for their own good, challenging them to do their own reading.

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  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    I’ve been working through the archives, and I’m liking it.

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