Best of 2005

It’s that time of year — the round-ups are starting. (Actually, given how early Publishers Weekly started, these guys seem to be running late in comparison. But it’s not a contest.)

Shawn Hoke takes a fresh approach in listing “365 Things I Enjoyed in Comics This Year”. Thanks, Shawn, for including both this website and me for “pissing off thin skinned creators”. Maybe I’ll do something a little worthier of being remembered next year.

Chris Tamarri (of Crisis/Boring Change) has set up the Comic Bloggers’ Poll (no longer available), which I’m surprised I haven’t seen more people mention. Given that we’re all by definition opinionated, I hope bloggers are participating. I like the way he’s kept things simple, with only six categories, and allowing a tiered vote, so you don’t have to pick only one. His guidelines remind me of some of the compromises we worked out for the Squiddies back when, except I like his addition of the rule that “if you worked on it, you can’t vote for it.”

And speaking of, Mark, I have no idea if anyone’s going to run the Squiddies this year. Both Carl and I have retired from that effort — in my case, because I left Usenet, it didn’t seem fair to continue working with their awards.

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  1. Mark Fossen Says:

    I assumed they would have died off, as I really don’t know that USENET is a viable avenue for discussion anymore. I’m just glad there’s something that might take it’s place as a consensus award.




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