Tuxedo Gin Book 1

When Ginji finds true love at first sight, he’s not given a chance to enjoy it. Gin is a boxing champ, and his fighting skills have caused him to become a target for revenge. He never makes it to his first date with Minako, because his enemies cause a motorcycle accident, and he dies.

Tuxedo Gin Book 1 cover
Tuxedo Gin Book 1
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However, a monk with angel wings appears and tells him he can choose to be reincarnated as an animal. When that being’s natural life span is over, he will become a human again and have a chance to reunite with his love.

Because they’re Minako’s favorite, Gin chooses to become a penguin, even though he can’t swim. He quickly becomes lead penguin at the zoo, and the other birds help him to escape and find Minako. Soon, he’s her pet, with only her cat to worry about. That is, until the villains who killed him return and kidnap her as part of their continuing revenge. It’s a good thing he still remembers his boxing skills, and his love makes him willing to sacrifice himself for her if necessary.

Penguins are always cute, and Gin’s presence keeps this action comedy amusing. The scene with the penguin stampede alone is worth the price of admission.

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  1. […] cats, so his animal form allows him to get closer and learn more about her. It sounds a bit like Tuxedo Gin, only with fur instead of flippers. And of course, manga animals = always cute. Chi’s Sweet […]

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