The Music Man
December 25, 2005

I’ve just rewatched The Music Man for the umpteenth time. I love its story about the redemptive power of love, belief, and the importance of trying new things to break out of habit.

The Music Man
The Music Man
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The Marian the Librarian segment is probably my most favorite musical number on film. It’s so odd and inventive and encompassing. Robert Preston is such a virtuoso, and the songs! The opening salesman one, that sounds like a train (apparently called “Rock Island”). The nostalgia of barbershop quartets. The chicken-inspired women in “Pick a Little, Talk a Little”. The rabble-rousing of “Ya Got Trouble (Right Here in River City)”. The nudge-nudge of “Sadder But Wiser Girl for Me”.

Here’s a site that overviews all the Music Man versions with reviews and cast information, and here’s a fascinating explanation of the terms and names referenced in the show and its lyrics.

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Mike Chary writes:  

And what do you have against “Gary, Indiana?”

Johanna writes:  

No offense to your hometown, but the older I get, the less cute I find the lisp-filled songs that feature young Ronnie Howard. I didn’t mention “Wells Fargo Wagon” for the same reason.

Joshua Macy writes:  

He’s a fake, and he doesn’t know the territory!

Mike Chary writes:  

For what it’s worth I like the Marion song too. I like the Beatles cover of “Till There Was You.” My favorite Robert Preston movie was “The Last Starfighter.”

Johanna writes:  

My favorite Preston film is probably Victor/Victoria, which I’m still hoping to find cheap on DVD somewhere.

Mike Chary writes:  

Ah, yes, “Victor/Victoria” starring Gary-native Alex Karras as hired muscle!

How cheap is “cheap?”

Johanna writes:  

Under $10 is my target price point these days, just because I’ve got so many unwatched movies already waiting for me.

Dave Farabee writes:  

Hey, thanks for the swell links Johanna.

While I was growing up my mom watched musicals incessantly, and while I never became *that* taken with them, I definitely imprinted on a handful – THE MUSIC MAN most notably. Your write-up reminds me that it’s probably time for another viewing, only now with knowledge that “The Great Creatore” is a real guy and not just Preston saying “great creator” with some sort of pompous accent ;)

Random great lyric:

But what the heck, you’re welcome,
Join us at the picnic.
You can eat your fill
Of all the food you bring YOURSELF.


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