Sabrina the Teenage Witch #72

In Sabrina the Teenage Witch #72, Sabrina’s having trouble dealing with changing expectations. After taking a standardized test, her classmates have recommended careers that suit their personalities, while she got “no match”, leaving her confused and disheartened. On the personal side, Harvey’s dating her rival Amy, who’s being very possessive, and Shinji and Llandra are together. In the magical realm, Sabrina’s stumbled onto a potentially dangerous change that Llandra’s pressuring her to keep secret.

With so much going on, there’s something here for almost everyone. On top of the ongoing stories, there’s a stand-alone plot about Harvey being pressured to throw a party while his parents are away, foregrounding the importance of trust. Kids act up, but Sabrina and Llandra are able to minimize trouble with their magic.

This is all potent material that lots of kids can relate to. Not everyone has an idea of what they want to be, and not every relationship works out the way you hope. Feeling alone is typical for a teen, even one with special abilities.

The art (by Tania del Rio and Jim Amash) remains vibrant, with an eye-catching candy-coated palette provided by Jason Jensen. There’s also a backup story (script by del Rio, art by Chris Lie and Dan Davis) featuring the manga Josie & the Pussycats meeting Alan. The art’s both flatter and more crowded than the lead story, and there’s not much to the piece beyond the character introduction.

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