Retail Strip Debuts

The New York Times reports that the new comic strip Retail will launch tomorrow.

His aim for the comic strip … is to do for the mall what “Dilbert” did for the office, revealing the dysfunctional world of bickering employees, spineless managers, and cruel shoppers that lurks behind the cheery sales slogans.

It’s a good topic, with lots of possibilities, and one most people can relate to. Everyone’s been shopping, even if they haven’t had the life-changing opportunity of working behind the counter. Also like Dilbert, creator Norm Feuti wants input in the form of good stories from shoppers and clerks, a “participation” aspect that has impressed some of the newspapers signed on for the launch.

One Response to “Retail Strip Debuts”

  1. Melissa Says:

    It seems to me that the best representation of retail I have ever seen is the BBC Sitcom “Are You Being Served?” I looked at the Sunday postings you linked to, and it seemed a bit too busy. I worked retail for about 5 years – plus or minus. I do compare various media and if the comic can’t deliver what “Are You Being Served?” delivered, it probably isn’t going to be a hit.




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