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Lea Hernandez is angry about her early contributions to key comics fields (manga and webcomics) being ignored and the sexism in the industry that contributed. It’s a tough problem: make sure that your place in history is acknowledged, and you gain the reputation of being hard to work with and conceited (even if what you’re saying is true). If you don’t talk about it, though, you’ll likely be overlooked, because no one else is looking out for you.

Blogger worth reading Chris Tamarri (link no longer available) provides an object lesson in why we don’t have better comics journalism. He’s added an Amazon Honor System paybox to his site as a way of trying to earn some return on the good work he does (and because he’s facing unspecified financial pressure).

(A tip, Chris, of the non-money kind: I took down my payboxes in the site redesign because they rarely resulted in any contributions. On the other hand, I never mentioned them, and I’m guessing that people who are more public about running a campaign do better with them. I’ve had much better results from my Amazon links to buy books. I suspect that’s because people who use them get something for their money. And thank you all that do use those links for contributing to the site — it’s much appreciated!)

ICV2 passes along the news that home video sales for down for the first time in 25 years. DVD sales still rose, but the dying VHS format is a drain on the overall figures. The Incredibles was the top-selling DVD, yet it was still blamed for disappointing sales, launching a federal probe into Pixar for possible stock price manipulation. That’s the problem with high expectations — they turn success into failure.

4 Responses to “Found Around the Net”

  1. Lea Says:

    I’m free to claim my place in history now, because I don’t care if I’m hard to work with, because I’m not looking to work with anyone.

    See how easy it is to be honest when you no longer have to worry about upsetting anyone?

    This is so great.

  2. James Schee Says:

    What’s weird is that I used to be a huge Miller fan, I loved his work on Batman year one for instance. Over the past few years though, he’s seemed to have developed that “horny old man” syndrom.

    Good luck to Chris on the Amazon thing. I know I try to use CWR links when I shop there. I do notice you’ve put a Google AdSense on here, its not too disruptive since it is on the side.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, James, and the inspiration, Lea!

  4. Lea Says:

    I’m always happy to inspire other people to being cranky and bitte–


    I mean, you’re welcome. Seriously.




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