Modern Tales Changes Business Model

Modern Tales, the premier (imo) webcomics portal, has announced that in the new year, its business model is changing. It will be moving from a primarily subscription-based model to an ad-supported one.

That sounds like good news to me. Free comics means more readers means more people to buy merchandise and eventual print collections. Plus (from the selfish side), I can easily block ads, while I can’t break through password screens.

Also, Eric Burns has accepted a position as Editor for the free site, tasked with handling submissions and growing the number of strips that are part of the site. Good luck to both him and Joey Manley, publisher.

Update: Eric has posted the submission guidelines for Modern Tales Free (which will have a better name).

3 Responses to “Modern Tales Changes Business Model”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Cool. So any tips on what to try? I just don’t know a heck of a lot about webcomics.

  2. Mark Says:

    that’s a bit of a problem, isn’t it? I’m blocking most ads myself. is this model really going to work, if more and more people start using ad blockers like for example proxomitron?

    I really like the notion of free content, but it seems like a shaky income model to me.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Not to sound thoughtless or careless, but I don’t really consider that my problem. (I do the same thing with TV, by the way, using TiVo to watch shows sans ads.) If people start trying to find ways around ad-blocking, then I’ll quit visiting those sites. They can have me as a viewer (and potential consumer of products like collected versions) on my terms, or not at all.

    They aren’t due my attention and they can’t take me for granted as a consumer.

    In this particular case, Joey Manley has shown himself to be a really smart guy. If this model doesn’t work, then in another couple of years, I’m sure he’ll find a new one that does.




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