More Female Bloggers

Thanks to Mark (who did a funny Bizarro World take on current controversies) and Heidi, I have discovered a whole bunch more women blogging about comics. Some of the ones I especially enjoyed reading:

Written World, especially the post about ogling Green Lantern’s butt. (Fun!)

Pretty, Fizzy Paradise, where the posts about the difference between being a female comic reader and a comic reader who’s female and the stupidity of bare midriff costumes had me saying “amen”.

Shelly’s Comic Book Shelf, because she has a more mature perspective that makes for a nice contrast.

When Fangirls Attack which sums it all up.

3 Responses to “More Female Bloggers”

  1. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] More Thoughts on Females, Superheroes, and Blogging […]

  2. Kalinara Says:

    Thank you for the link/plug. :-) I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog!

  3. Johanna Says:

    You’re welcome. You’ve gained at least one new regular reader.




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