Free Editing Offered

Jason Rodriguez, editor for Elk’s Run, is offering free editing to aspiring creators. Here’s the offer:

What I’m thinking I would want to do is accept 40 word pitches for three to eight page stories from writers who want to fine-tune their comic writing skills. From those pitches I’ll choose an idea I jive with and that seems workable and I’ll request the full script…. Then I’ll post the pitch, the script and my edits in a way that aims to teach a larger audience about writing for comics. I’m not going to sabotage people and tear them up if the script isn’t that good — it’s going to be 100% productive and the people who put themselves out there will get full credit, links and I guarantee you’ll have a script that, story wise (you’re on your own art wise), will get you into a variety of anthologies. Plus, you’ll learn something, and what’s wrong with that?

Hopefully, we’ll all learn something.

5 Responses to “Free Editing Offered”

  1. Alan David Doane Says:

    I would be more secure in his editing prowess if he knew the difference between “juve” and “jibe.”

  2. Alan David Doane Says:

    “Jive,” I mean. Of course I would have a typo in that post.

  3. Jason Rodriguez Says:

    Thanks for the post, Johanna.

    Alan – The fact that Elk’s Run has received critical acclaim and Western Tales of Terror allowed me to work with and learn from some top talents adds more weight to my pitch for free editing work and a positive teaching tool than the fact that the “b” and the “v” are both next to each other on a keyboard, much like the “u” and “i” are.*

    Editing is a lot more than proof-reading — I’d say proof reading’s about 2% of what I normally do and a typo hasn’t went to print yet.

    Try to be positive in this industry and the first thing ADD does is attempt to tear it down — you’re a strange fellow.

    *Disclaimer: The fact that I’ve been using “jive” my whole life needs to be taken with a grain of salt, born and raised in Brooklyn and we occasionally have to be graded on a curve do to our tendency to choose words that sound “cooler”.

  4. Johanna Says:

    Now guys, guys … I admit, Jason, that I was tempted to edit the bit I quoted originally to include proper hyphenation. Like Alan, I sometimes get caught up in the details, but I didn’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture. I’m excited to see someone consider and promote the importance of editing. You’re right, there’s a lot more to it than proofreading.

    (Alan, being hoist by your own petard is fair payback for a snarky hit-and-run. :) )

  5. Jason Rodriguez Says:

    Thank you. And no hard feelings, I actually read Alan’s writings and admit that I do have a tendency to occasionally swap words and post so, you know, that’s that.

    For anyone who wants a better understanding as to what I do, here’s a piece I wrote for the Elk’s Run Bumper Edition (which is probably an older version littered with typos because that’s my luck):




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