Peach Fuzz Book 1

Nine-year-old Amanda selects a ferret as her first pet. Mom is concerned about the danger; it seems that ferrets like to nip until they’re trained not to. Amanda talks her mom into it, with the understanding that she’ll have to return the pet if it bites her. Peach views Amanda’s hand reaching into her cage as a five-headed monster attacking her, so of course, she bites back.

Peach Fuzz Book 1 cover
Peach Fuzz Book 1
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Based on the premise, this series should have been more enjoyable than it was. Both Amanda and Peach are cute, and the authors clearly know how ferrets look and act. However, the themes are mixed. If we root for the character we see most often, Peach, then we’re hoping to see her continue to misbehave. If we root for Amanda teaching Peach how to behave, then most of the material is irrelevant or mistargeted.

Instead of seeking help, Amanda hides her problem from her mother and keeps getting hurt. Early on, she almost kills her new pet through rough handling, but all anyone learns from the experience is that vet bills are expensive (even though the vet is shown as clueless and doesn’t actually do anything). The mother is clearly supposed to care about her daughter, but we most often see her complaining about spending more money. It’s not as three-dimensional a portrayal as I would have liked.

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Rising Stars of Manga 2
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It’s often understandable why Peach would want to nip; Amanda treats her badly, and no one’s supervising her or teaching her how to properly care for another living thing. Sure, the situations make for humor, but it would be nice to see a bit more acknowledgment that there’s a better way.

For example, coming home from the pet store, Amanda lets the ferret loose in the car, almost causing an accident. Then, as soon as they get home, Amanda lets the ferret loose in the house, where she promptly runs away and causes more trouble. You’d think someone would have learned from the first situation not to let the pet out of its box yet.

To justify the fantasy sequences of Peach as a warrior princess, Amanda keeps teasing the ferret and making her fight stuffed animals. No wonder she’s got a angry, misbehaving pet! There’s a lot of potential in this premise, but the book would have benefited from some experienced editing to tighten the story and check the messages sent. I’m old enough to know that one shouldn’t treat animals the way Amanda does, but I’m not sure about the recommended all ages audience.

Peach Fuzz was the winning entry in Tokyopop’s second Rising Stars of Manga talent contest. The artists have a website.

13 Responses to “Peach Fuzz Book 1”

  1. Taylor Hanson Says:

    i love your comic strips

  2. Kamahi Says:

    I think this is a cute book and I love it more when I think about the fact that I know Jared and Lindsay personally ^_^

  3. B**** Says:

    i have got the book it is the freaking best book eva

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  7. s-chan Says:

    To me, Peach Fuzz is a realistic look at a real mother and daughter, which isn’t a perfect situation. The mother doesn’t understand what a ferret needs special things, and can only see costs for an over sized rat that makes her daughter happy. Amanda is learning about her new pet, and is reacting as any kid would do at a young age when you don’t know exactly what kind of pet you have. So we see Amanda growing from her experiences dealing with Peach in a more realistic manner. And if the mother was overly caring we’d have a sickingly sweet woman who’s strangely not married. The fact she’s a single mother gives her a more realistic factor that she WOULD care about spending money. What we see happening in the series is that Amanda learns from Peach, and Peach is pretty much our comedy element that very slowly changes with what happens to her.

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  10. Elaine Chen Says:

    Actually I have a Question.Can you show me information about Peach?I mean like her height,weight,eye color and those things.My class had a project,and we need to make wanted poster of a character in a book.I really want to do Peach Fuzz.I had a friend and she had a book Peach Fuzz.Somewhere in the last pages,there is a page about Peach.I asked her if I can borrow the book,but she had to return it back to the libary.So when I went to the libary,I hold a book Peach Fuzz.Iwas waiting for 8 days and it didn’t come to me.Now I only had 2 days left for my project and I did not even do anything.i already even print out a picture of Peach.I went to many websites to find a little page of information about Peach.Then I found you.I saw a little box that people can say a statement.But I wanted you to help me so I typed this.Please send it to Thank you for all your help if you can. :)

  11. Arianna Says:

    it was cute, i bought it for 2 bucks at a book fair at school. if there is a sequal i may read it

  12. bella Says:

    my 4 yr old picked the first one out and was obsessed with it for three weeks. now we’ve finished the 2nd one and she just loves it. great job!

  13. breanne Says:

    so cool relly cool




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