PR: What Not to Do: Unreadable Marvel Comics

I understand that the content of X-Men: The 198 Files (not, as the cover suggests, “The X-Men 198 Files” — bad logo design there, guys) is meant to replicate web pages, but whoever decided to print key terms in dark blue text on a black background needs remedial training in readability. If they were true to their design concept, the links would be bright blue, which would be an improvement.

I also disagree with the art they chose for Mythos: X-Men. The idea of a book to serve as an introduction to new readers attracted by the movies is an excellent one, if a bit late (and badly titled to indicate its purpose). Paolo Rivera’s painted art is a poor choice because it’s dark, hard to read, and too static. The panels draw attention to themselves as individual pictures instead of supporting the story. There’s no flow for the reader, and the balloons seem unnaturally white and bright.

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