Stupid Publisher Decisions

DC made a big mistake last week: they fired Bob Greenberger.

Bob was the first DC staffer I ever remember talking to, back in 1993 when I was attending one of my first comic conventions in Philadelphia. He’s always been kind, generous, and full of experience that DC doesn’t have now (or apparently, value). He not only loved the characters from when he was younger, he kept reading their work, making him a significant resource due to the scope of his knowledge of their properties. (Surprisingly many comic company staffers don’t read their company’s comics, either out of lack of time or lack of interest.)

I’ve been employed as a manager for six years now. One of the basic tenets is that if an employee has a problem (and it’s not outrageous, like stealing from petty cash), you work with them to fix it, because it’s always more expensive to hire new. If you let long-time employees go at the least little thing, you’re going to spend a lot more money hiring and training, not to mention all the institutional knowledge that walks out the door and can’t be replaced.

The exception is if you’re looking to find excuses to let long-standing, highly compensated employees go so you can replace them with cheap newbies without risking lawsuits. Bob reports that he knew there were problems, and new processes had just been set up to handle them. Instead of seeing if they worked, DC decided they needed a sacrifice and snick!

Also notice that DC has still not said that they’d be doing anything to correct the mistake in the Golden Age Hawkman Archives that was apparently so heinous as to necessitate this.

I join Peter David and Priest (link no longer available) in wishing Bob well. I hope he soon finds something worthy of his talents soon.

Update: Thanks, Bob!

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  1. James Schee Says:


    I never met Mr. Greenberger, but always heard good things about him. I don’t see how firing him, but not correcting the book’s mistake fixes anything though.




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