In His Likeness

While cleaning out my stack of “things from this past summer’s convention season”, I found a card on which someone had scribbled the web address for In His Likeness, an odd little webcomic. I like it because it shows how creatively some people get around the problem of not being able to draw, it’s got a cast of characters developed through dialogue without relying on visual shortcuts to establish personality, and it demonstrates how important good writing is.

The cast is God (a black dot), the devil (a red dot with horns), Poseidon (a blue dot with a trident), and three Devilettes (little red dots with horns). Later on the internet shows up.

The strip is playful when it comes to structure, with the characters sometimes transforming for the joke.

I recommend starting at the beginning. It’s a quick read, and a funny one.

3 Responses to “In His Likeness”

  1. James Hatton Says:

    Hey just wanted to say that I appreciate the praise. IHL is goin strong and it’s nice to know that new people are finding it everyday.

    Thanks again!
    James Hatton

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  3. James Hatton: In His Likeness » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] It’s a simple webcomic using icons to make jokes with its cast of gods and devils; I recommended it a year and a half […]




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