The More Things Change…

The Writers Guild of America is criticizing product placement:

A story producer for “The Simple Life” offered this lament: “Greyhound just gave notes on ‘The Simple Life: Interns’ and demanded that we pull a scene because we portrayed a skidding bus for merely comedic effect.”

It’s weird how everything comes around. I remember reading stories about TV in the 1950s, when shows had sponsors instead of ads. One of the classic examples of sponsorship leading to content control was when Playhouse 90 aired Judgment at Nuremberg — because the American Gas Association sponsored the show, references to “gas chambers” were deleted from this drama about Nazis.

(The article is about much bigger concerns, actually, like not notifying the audience about paid placements. This comment just reminded me of the history I suspect few recall.)

One Response to “The More Things Change…”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Similarly, I recall Lucille Ball saying that “lucky” was a forbidden word on I Love Lucy because their sponsor (a cigarette manufacturer) didn’t want viewers to think of Lucky Strikes because of the show.




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