Comic Strip Fashion Campaign

The NY Times reports that fashion label Perry Ellis will be using a comic strip for their new advertising campaign.

The new campaign features a male character in a series of settings that emulate real life, from pondering a job offer in a new city to approaching an attractive woman in a bar. (Naturally, the star of the comic strip is trim, good-looking, and dressed in what appears to be Perry Ellis.) The ads are scheduled to run as four-page inserts beginning in the March issues of more than a dozen magazines, including GQ, Cargo, and Esquire.

Using comics in advertising is an old strategy that may be on the verge of a revival, thanks in part to the rising popularity of graphic novels among young men…. And the customer Perry Ellis aims for is typically a 30-something man the company hopes will be drawn to the playfulness of a comic strip with the grown-up content of a graphic novel.

Nowhere in the article does it say who’s drawing the strips, but if it’s not Adrian Tomine, it’s someone who’s very familiar with his work.

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