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Love as a Foreign
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I’ve found this series slow going (in terms of its pacing), and this installment is no different. However, given that the focus this time around is on food, I’m more inclined to view it favorably, as I love the distraction of learning about another country’s cuisine.

I wish we’d had recipes, though, or more information on the various types of Korean food available. The only dishes that we get details on are the famous Korean kimchi, pizza with corn on it, a spicy soup, and as a running joke, nak-ji, something like live octopus.

Joel is worrying once again about not fitting in while he’s teaching English in Korea. This time, he’s obsessed about not liking the food. He’s living on imported junk — KFC and McDonald’s — and not liking the weight he gains and the nightmares he has as a result. When the staff of the school where he works have a welcome dinner for his crush, Hana, his dislike of native dishes complicates the shyness he already feels when close to her.

I’m sympathetic to Joel’s struggles, and I’m sure that it’s realistic that he’s taking so darn long to get around to asking Hana out or hinting at how he feels. But given the time between releases, I feel as though I’ve had complete relationships that haven’t taken as long as this!

The two are just so likeable, though, that I keep reading about and rooting for them. I’ve previously commented on Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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