Wally and Osborne, aka On the Rocks

This one’s for KC: Wally and Osborne, formerly “On the Rocks”, is a funny, attractive webcomic featuring a penguin and a polar bear in Antarctica.

The art is cleanly designed and colorful, with blue and orange setting off the black-and-white characters and landscape. Here are two of my favorites, both dealing with water balloons. I also like the carnage scene here, and the baby penguins here.

It’s just what a webcomic should be: a quick bit of well-crafted entertainment, with a skewed point of view and a neat way of portraying situations.

2 Responses to “Wally and Osborne, aka On the Rocks”

  1. Gala Says:

    I agree! On The Rocks rules! On with Wally and Osbourne! :) Thanks Tyler Martin!

  2. C.A.M.S Says:

    I think that these comics are so darn funny and there is a particular one that I really thought was cute. It was the comic about polar bear day and Wallace’s wish was that it was penguins day too. That was a true picture perfect moment of two really good friends that showed eachother some compassion. I really enjoy these comics alot. YEA FOR ON THE ROCKS comics…… And a BIG thumbs up to Osborne & Wallace!




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