Tokyopop Deals

Tokyopop has two special offers from their online store:

Until 1/31/06, all January releases are 10% off. Enter the code JAN06 at checkout.

Until 2/28/06, three OEL titles — Ark Angels, Dramacon, and Mark of the Succubus — are 30% off. Use code SHOJOMOJO at checkout.

I can imagine that some retailers are upset with Tokyopop competing with them for customers, but there’s a few mitigating factors to consider:

  1. few comic shops carry a full line of manga and/or Tokyopop books, so it’s not like it was when Marvel started putting discount offers in their comics
  2. this is an opportunity for retailers who have discounts and/or bonus offers for subscribers to introduce customers to their loyalty programs: “Want to save on all your manga titles, not just a few? Become a subscriber with us, and we’ll have every book you want waiting for you.”

I do agree that discounting brand new titles is a little weird — usually you see these offers to clean out older stock, not to cut profit on new.


  1. Weird? I don’t know. I’ve seen it practiced in France/Belgium with regular BD new releases. So there’s probably some reason to it. Maybe like giving an additional incentive to “get it while it’s hot”? It’s also practiced in Germany with newly released audio CDs, now that I think of it.

  2. Thanks for the additional information. Come to think of it, it happens in the US with DVDs, discounted the first week of purchase… but that’s because a variety of stores are trying to get you to buy the new hot thing from them instead of their competitor down the street.

    If the publisher is immediately discounting their books, the question arises “if you think this is worth $9 instead of $10, why didn’t you just price it at $9?”

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any comment on Viz’s standard Shôjo Beat pricing of $8.99. I wonder how that’s working for them?

  3. Two possible rationales come to mind for these sales.

    1) January is always the toughest month of the year for selling anything, as most consumers are facing sobering credit card bills and reigning in their spending. Perhaps, by putting January releases on sale, Tokyopop is trying to keep their “heaviest” customers, the ones who buy new volumes of the series they follow the month they come out, from falling behind on their series (which would provide an opportunity to drop the series).

    2) Since all of the OEL titles are volume ones (IIRC) and (most are) no longer new and “hot” Tokyopop is trying to provide further incentive to check out these series and get hooked to the concept.

  4. Oh, good point on the January thing. I hadn’t thought about the other factors involved in the timing.

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