Legal Drug Book 1

The newest series by fan-favorite art studio CLAMP features pretty boys working at a drugstore. Rikuo saved Kazahaya’s life when he almost died from exposure in the snow. The two now share an apartment, work together, and demonstrate the kind of “he’s so frustrating!” relationship that hints at deeper feelings of unrecognized attraction.

Legal Drug Book 1 cover
Legal Drug Book 1
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Their boss, a psychic, sends them off on extra jobs to find mysterious artifacts, aided by Kazahaya’s ability to see visions based on memories. Mystically symbolic occurrences complicate their tasks.

I’m not a huge fan of CLAMP, so I’m not able to wax effusively over the art here, although it’s apparently a major source of enjoyment to other readers. I found it hard to follow exactly what was taking place in certain sequences. The characters also never came alive for me, and I wasn’t involved enough in the little bits of umbrella story to want to find out the meaning behind the cliffhanger.

Like much of their work, this story combines magical abilities, fantasy, and hints of romance. CLAMP fans, especially those interested in the boy-boy implications, should enjoy it.


  1. […] Hina makes a cameo in the second volume of Legal Drug, another Clamp series about two boys being sent on mysterious errands. […]

  2. […] (One brief correction: he says that “There are no shared universes in Japanese comics. Characters don’t meet and crossover or team up.” That’s not completely true — some of the Clamp books do, with a character from Suki appearing in a volume of Legal Drug, for instance, and Tsubasa seeming like nothing but guest appearances — but they are rare.) […]

  3. […] I’m still a little put off by the references to other CLAMP series in this book. I recognized the two boys from Legal Drug, and the notes in the back helped explain a little of the Tsubasa crossover, but I’m not interested in exploring the wide world of every CLAMP series ever. I just want more stories. And a good annotation site. […]

  4. It was good, but I don’t think that this is the right Manga for me to read every day like Hana-Kimi or Othello.

  5. why do they only have 3 volumes out?!?!?!?!!

    >.< i want the rest……

  6. Blame the artists — that’s all they’ve created so far, I’m told.

  7. Actually, I’m rather sure the series ends with 4 volumes. Don’t blame the artists; blame the translators.

    I rather enjoy this series, though it is true that it has almost nothing stringing the events together (at least, in volumes 1-3). I’m not sure if it’s something I’d call amazing or really good, but it was certainly good enough for me to buy, and I’m stingy with my money.

    Something to read for any shounen-ai fans. :)

  8. I’m so happy to read that you’re not that big of a CLAMP fan, too! If you like manga but not CLAMP, then people freak out! It’s ridiculous! I’m glad I’m not alone! 8D

  9. Excuse me? I freaked out when I heard that CLAMP wasn’t a huge hit for Johanna. Ah well, to each her own. I absolutely adore CLAMP, but I certainly do give other series’ a try since there is so much to enjoy. You should try out ARIA sometime.

    Also, Legal Drug is only 3 volumes long. There’s no 4th volume (even if T-pop’s website says it). Luckily, it seems like it will be continued (hopefully during or after the publication of the mangettes).

  10. I have tried Aria, and I quite enjoyed it.

  11. Oh, sorry about that. I should have looked for your review, first :b

    As for T-pop releasing cancelled series (in Japan), I would rather they do that anyway because I really found something to enjoy in Legal Drug. I don’t believe T-pop should be faulted for that. I just wish they wouldn’t put some of their older CLAMP works out of print (Man of Many Faces, Suki, Miyuki-chan, Duklyon: CSD, and CLAMP SD).

  12. Barnes and noble has for sale legal drug volume 4 released in 2007. :)

  13. It’s not on their online site, and Tokyopop has no listing for it. I think you’re hallucinating. :)

  14. Really, folks? Only four? How come I found book 16 online then?

  15. Uh, Legal Drug currently stands at 3 volumes in Japan AND North America. You must be on drugs.

  16. Maybe he’s mistaking chapters for books? This is another reason I prefer print to online reading.

  17. uh…i stand much corrected after talking to the person who scanned them.
    and no, oliver. i’m not on drugs. i just apparently seem to be a very naive person.

  18. I just asked if you’re on drugs because it’s called “Legal Drug”. Joke now ruined.

  19. OOOOOOOOFFF I hate it when I buy a manga and then I find

    out that it is in hiatus (forgot what the word was sorry)

    now I have 3 incompleted mangad : x/1999. yami no matsuei and

    legal drug }_}

  20. […] never totally succumbed to the first xxxHOLiC series, but CLAMP (Legal Drug, Chobits) has its fans, and Ed always recommended the […]

  21. […] the three previous volumes of the unfinished manga series under one cover… in preparation for a sequel due in 2015! […]

  22. […] in comic book stores is the Legal Drug Omnibus, a manga license rescue collection. CLAMP’s Legal Drug originally was published in three volumes in English by Tokyopop. (You can get the three books […]

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