January 20, 2006

Thanks to Ed, I was able to watch Panda-Z.

Um. I spent most of it (it’s only 30 minutes) in stunned silence. I expected the couple of fighting robot episodes, given the premise of a panda who pilots a giant panda robot, but the second show on the disc featured Panda-Z and his Grandpa/inventor sitting down to a dinner of batteries.

Panda-Z can’t figure out what utensil to use, so he keeps getting mad and knocking things around. The whole time, crawls are running across the screen: “Do not cut batteries. Batteries are not food. Do not eat batteries. Batteries are not beverages.” Very funny, but head-scratching at the same time.

Then there’s the one where Grandpa appears to be having an LSD trip, and the one where various creatures keep beating the bad guy at Old Maid. KC’s evaluation was “more surreal than Teletubbies.” Very unusual, and good support for the idea that anime fans love the exotic and foreign.

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