Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant

Although it stars an alien and a robot, Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant is, as you might have guessed by the title, a humor comic. To be specific, this is slapstick science fiction.

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Smith Brown Jones:
Alien Accountant
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Smith is a fairly normal guy, even if he does have only two fingers, green skin, and a liking for Hawaiian shirts. He works at a tabloid newspaper as their “alien correspondent”, a near-perfect position for him, since he’s on Earth to gather information. His robot buddy, Pops, resembles a black ping-pong ball with large, expressive eyes and a wise-guy mouth.

The first chapter contrasts, through the use of faux-objective captions, Smith’s everyday life — wake up, feed the cat, toast and coffee, commute to an office job — with fears of aliens inserting themselves into society undetected. Later in the book, two killer robots working for an intergalactic assassin (who looks like a punk humanoid lizard-boy) come after Smith, which requires quick thinking from his friends.

This humor-through-contrast approach underlies events throughout the book. When the two go on a talk show (under the theory that claiming they’re aliens will cause people to think they’re not), they’re the most normal people there. The exaggerated cartoony art style well suits the wackiness. For example, the sequence with the cat mistaking Pops for a toy while he’s trying to have a phone conversation is quite animated and fast-moving as well as funny.

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  1. Joshua Macy Says:

    I adore Smith Brown Jones.




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