FCBD Titles, Comics Jam War, and Trolls

The Free Comic Book Day comics have been announced. There are 10 gold and 18 silver titles. I’m glad to see an emphasis on media-friendly properties from the gold sponsors, although I’m surprised that DC isn’t doing a Superman comic, given the movie coming out. In other FCBD news, following up an earlier announcement, Diamond has clarified Jetpack’s exclusion: it was simply a matter of timing. Apparently, they didn’t ask early enough to meet the print schedules.

About Comics announces Comic Jam War.

On April 1st, 2006, teams of comic book creators will gather in comic book stores. At noon Eastern time, they will all be given a topic for the comic book, and then each team will start work on an all-ages 8-page black-and-white comic book story. Twelve hours later, the drawing stops. A panel of comics industry professionals will then judge the stories, with cash prizes and publications in a special anthology.

It’s an intriguing twist on the 24-hour comic that allows for teamwork and editorial insight.

News flash: newspaper discovers that allowing public comments means “too many personal attacks, profanity, and hate mail”. It only takes a few troublemakers with no sense of how to behave maturely to create situations that take up too much time and energy to be worth dealing with. It’s refreshing to note, though, that the paper involved, The Washington Post, didn’t go overboard: they’re looking at ways to improve processes and reopen the forum.

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