Correy Stinson has split from his band, who went on to much greater success without him. The record company, eager to get one last sale out of the wreckage, takes out a hit on him, not realizing that the assassin they’ve hired is a fan. Instead of killing him, she takes him on the run with her.

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This is a fun book, equivalent to a great action movie. I especially liked the Greek chorus of dead rock stars who hang out in an afterlife club and comment on the action. The characters have intriguing quirks and voices, and lots of stuff blows up. The story’s just a way to get everyone doing their thing and showing off, but it’s an enjoyably escapist read with a bit of cultural commentary.

Internal indicators make me wonder if this was originally planned as a three-issue miniseries. If it was, I’m glad the format was changed. One book suits it much better than smaller pieces spread over three months. This way, it has more of a punch.

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