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Given the current mood of the US, some people are justifiably paranoid about who may be spying on us. Subatomic captures that mood. This original graphic novel follows a year in the life of a young man whose job is reading everyone’s mail for a secret agency. As he’s about to turn 21, he tries to leave the flying fortress that’s been his home since the government adopted him as a child. He’s searching for a life of his own, free, private, and unobserved, where he can interact with people of his choice instead of those he’s told to deal with.

It’s strange that something so conspiracy-minded can seem so plausible, but the matter-of-fact writing and the attractive color presentation on thick glossy paper help drive the point home. There’s a lot more to this book than its production value, but it’s impressive enough to note, since this book is from an independent small publisher.

The story is based around a fascinating generational conflict, pitting the energy of youth (where a young adult begins dealing with the questions of growing up and controlling one’s own life that everyone has to face eventually) against the power and cynicism of older adults. It’s action-adventure that makes the reader think, and it’s one of the few entertainment books accurately raising the political questions of today. A real page-turner.

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