Archie Comics: Tease

Archie is such a tease. Their Free Comic Book Day comic is being promoted with the question “Can Archie really be leaving Riverdale?” Dad’s gotten a job offer in another state, you see, and so Archie goes to commiserate with all his usual friends, plus:

Archie reflects back on his “Little Archie” days, and sets off to tell his friends that he’ll soon be moving. Along the way, he reminisces with Sabrina, Josie, “That Wilkin Boy,” and more. He even runs into recent acquaintances, Katy Keene (fresh from last year’s “Free Comic Book Day” appearance) and real-life singing sensations, The Veronicas!

(I am already tired of Archie trying to push those generic pop tarts on us, especially when they use scary clip art covers, but that’s a different rant.)

It sounds like a good setup in which to introduce new readers to the characters, but I could have sworn I read this story in another Archie comic during the past year. (Probably a digest reprint.) Of course Archie doesn’t leave Riverdale! Especially not during a 65th anniversary celebration. Archie isn’t about change! Archie is about comfort. (More on that below.) Let’s move on to the press release’s background information on the comics:

Archie Comics appeal to an audience of young boys and girls, the perfect entry-level customer for comic shops. Approximately 55 to 60 percent of that audience is female, making Archie one of the few and certainly most prominent publishers addressing the reading needs of female adolescents.

The company should be emphasizing its niche, now that so many comics aren’t safe for or interesting to youngsters, but “most prominent”? I see a lot more about Tokyopop and Viz, both in and out of the direct market, than I do Archie. Archie’s part of the background, taken for granted, always there on the comic rack. I think they’re trying to change that, though, with more aggressive marketing efforts like this one, and I’m glad to see it.

10 Responses to “Archie Comics: Tease”

  1. Dan Coyle Says:

    And here I thought they were really going to go with “Archie Disassembled”. Damn.

  2. Sarah Says:

    It could’ve been worse. Crisis on Infinite Archies!

    Do teenage girls actually read Archie? I always thought it was the 8-12 “oh I wish I was a teenager!” crowd that did.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Sarah, I’d tend to agree, but I haven’t ever seen definite figures. I certainly think that older teen girls (past 15 years old) wouldn’t find much to keep them interested in Archie comics… or superheroes, which the press release also mentions (in praising Archie as a gateway to Marvel and DC).

  4. Rachel Says:

    When I was but a wee girl, only twelve or so, my mother got me the occasional Betty and Veronica to read in the car. Needless to say, I was unable to relate to any of the pants-chasing, because I wasn’t into boys at that age. When we went to the market store that carried more comic titles, I always chose X-Force or Catwoman over the tame Archie comics. Now that I’m older and I do notice males, I laugh much more while reading my old Betty and Veronicas than I did as a youngster. Strangely, my taste for spandex has vanished.

    One thing that always remains a turn-off with Archie comics is that the female characters seem torn between 1950’s housewife dreams and 1970’s free love. Tell me they’ve updated their personalities to be a little less grating?

  5. Johanna Says:

    Depends on what you’re reading and who the writer is. Some are more forward-thinking than others.

  6. chantal Says:

    i think archie comics are awesome and i’m 14 years old!! you guys are weird because they are fantastic!

  7. Johanna Says:

    That’s great! Thanks for reading.

  8. Flora Says:

    i used to read archie comics all the time when i was younger, but recently i’ve been getting in the trend again. of course, i wouldn’t waste money buying it, but the occasional free stuff on their website is fun! =) it’s nice to have some more conservative stuff..there’s no sex, alcohol or anything…just the clothing is sometimes a bit off.

    btw, i’m 16 years old…does that make it funny that i still read archie comics?

  9. monique Says:

    i am 24 and i loveeeeee archies comics, jughead, betty and veronica n the whole gang

  10. Skye Says:

    I started reading Archie comics when I was 5years old (: my mom and my sisters brought those books into my life. I have memorized every comic book I have read by them, and I can tell you what happens in every comic book that I see of them. I own over 50 of their comic books. Btw I’m 17 years old and I actually JUST got done reading an Archie comic mom is 50 years old and she still reads comic books, as well as all of my older sisters. (:




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