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Wired dubs Paul Pope a “comic-book superstar” with “a distinct presence… fashion-forward style and gritty good looks.” They predict all kinds of amazing things for his upcoming Batman miniseries:

The fact is, Paul Pope is about to go mainstream. In February, DC Comics will release the first installment of his four-issue graphic novel, Batman: Year 100, which reinvents the caped crusader yet again. The 200-page miniseries imagines the superhero in the year 2039, and it’s backed by the power of the Batman franchise and DC’s multimillion-dollar marketing muscle. In other words, Pope is set to soar to glory on the spandex cape-tails of one of the most profitable superheroes ever.

I don’t think Wired knows just how many Batman miniseries come out in a year, or how many times Paul Pope has been about to break big. He’s a good choice to cover for the magazine’s techno-hipster audience, but the article’s slobbering is a bit off-putting.

2 Responses to “Wired on Pope”

  1. Dave Farabee Says:

    That’s pretty amusing. Paul Pope’s been among my top five favorite artists for the last several years, and I honestly think he’s reached new peaks with 100% and his issue of SOLO, but Pope’s self-created fashionista/artiste persona has always been a bit silly. Not that I want it to go away – like Grant Morrison, Pope’s one of the rare personalities in comics that ‘pops’ – but yeah, WIRED has definitely been lured in by his cult of personality. I figure YEAR 100 to sell about as well as other quirky, Batman prestige projects, stuff like GOTHAM COUNTY LINE. Maybe less, actually, as Pope’s style is leagues away from what’s commercial for DC readers.

  2. Tom Siebert Says:

    “Batman: Year 100″ was recognized by the Eisner Awards as the Best Limited Series of the year, while Pope won Best Writer/Artist for it.

    Personally, I think “Batman: Year 100″ is among the best Batman stories ever. Pope really ‘gets’ the character and the action is spectacular.





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