Respected indy comic creators Nick Bertozzi (Rubber Necker, The Salon), Leland Purvis (Vox), Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma), Josh Neufeld (A Few Perfect Hours, Titans of Finance) join Dan Goldman (Everyman: Be the People), Tim Hamilton, Michel Fiffe, and Nikki Cook in creating a new webcomic collective at livejournal called Act-I-Vate. It launched on the first, and there’s already a variety of strips with different approaches and styles posted.

There’s also a response site, De-Act-I-Vate (link no longer available), which:

functions as a space where a similar collective of cartoonists can let the world soak in their comix yet is not limited to a few handpicked individuals…. the purpose of DE-ACT-I-VATE is not to slander the group or the individuals but to cradle and embrace those who will not be a part of an elite group.

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  1. Neil McTaggart Says:

    Thanks to your like I have just been to activate and there does seem to be a good collection of web comics there created by some genuinely talented and unique artists. I have logged it on my favourites.





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