Girl Got Game Book 1

Girl Got Game was recommended to me based on its similarities to Hana-Kimi. It’s true, the premises are very similar — girl pretends to be a boy and lives in boys’ dorm, rooming with her love interest, in order to compete in a sport — but the motivations are very different.

In Hana-Kimi, the heroine was a fan of her roommate before she ever started at the school. She devised the plan in order to get to know him because she so admired his dedication to track and field.

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Girl Got Game Book 1
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In Girl Got Game, the heroine is forced into the plan by her father. He was prevented from playing in the NBA when he was younger due to injury, so he tells her to pretend to be a boy so she can achieve the glory he never could. As a result, she’s not motivated by her own determination, but by the inability to disobey her father. She doesn’t demonstrate enough of her own initiative, and I fear the overall arc becoming simply a transfer of her affections from her father to her love interest.

Given the preeminence of the WNBA these days, it doesn’t even make sense as a motive. (The book isn’t that old; it’s copyright 2004.) She’s known as a great female basketball player in junior high, so why should she need to dress in drag to play?

The other major difference comes in the relationship of the girl to her roommate. In Hana-Kimi, the boy quickly sees through the disguise, and as the two get to know and trust each other, he helps protect her secret. This is a more positive approach than in Girl Got Game, where the two dislike each other from the beginning. It’s obvious that they will overcome this antipathy as they get to know each other better, so I found the setup more predictable than I cared for. The art also seemed generic to me, and overall, the book lacked the charm I saw in Hana-Kimi.


  1. Ashley Miyakado

    Loved the series! Even though Kyo and Chiharu don’t really get together till the very last volume I thought was not very well thought out. I would have loved to see more romance between the two, but still in the end one of the most hilarious manga I have ever read!

  2. I loooved it. It was more funny than romantic but I liked it all the same. The ending also left me very disappointed.

  3. I have to agree. I like Hana-kimi better than Girl Got Game, artwise and storywise. However, Girl Got Game is really funny and over-the-top at times (I’m sorry, but when Kyo through the soap at Chiharu so he wouldn’t see that she was a girl, I could not stop laughing) and Kyo Aizawa, the heroine, has a rather interesting, slightly crazy, personality which I love. I’m going to have to disagree about the motive not making sense, though. Even though there is a WNBA, the point is that the father wanted to live out his dream through his daughter. So even though she was a good player and would definitely make the WNBA, she wouldn’t be in the NBA, which was her father’s dream. I would highly recommend Girl Got Game. Ouran High School Host Club also deals with genderbending gals and it’s really cute.

  4. HAHAHA i loved this manga! i read it all within a two days! the expressions are hilarious and the situations are crazy funny! i laugh so hard i cry!

  5. I love the series I want to saee more more more more! I thought it was well planned out and it also had some great moments in it that make you just wanna be in the story so it kept me hooked on I advise all manga readers to read this series

  6. i thought girl got game was the best i wished there was 5 more series or something cause we didnt get to see what happened with kyo aizawa n chiharu eniwa oh and yura kensuke is HOTT!!!!!!!!

  7. OmGawdd, ii LOVE this series.. it`s so funny~
    I was lyke, crying &&laughing really hard at some points. If onlyI knew where to buy the rest of the series.. [hinthint winkwink] ;]

  8. &errmm,

    PS?: Chiharu is SO hott.. [ Love ]

  9. Chocolatte62

    I luurve girl got game, it’s my fave manga!!! I try not to read it in public `cuz I laugh out loud ever 5 minutes. If your having a bad day, read this!! And i’m in love w/ Yura. That’s all.

  10. Foxyvulpixie

    Girl Got Game was the funniest manga I ever read I still need like 5 more volumes to read cause I read 1,2,3,4,5 lol but I seriosly was laughing my favurite charector was kyo and kensuke was so hot!

  11. OMG!!! I loved Girl Got Game its frikkin hilarious!!
    I was like begging my friend to read it…but she waz hooked too!!

    Itz sooo funny…I try not to laugh out loud but OOhh itz hard. People ask me whats wrong.

    Omg Chiharu’s hott!!

  12. I just love girl got game because it makes me smile and because it’s filled with 2 teens who love each other but are in an amazingly weird situation.

    The manga’s awesome^^ I read all ten volumes and all of Hana-kimi… I liked ‘Girl Got Game’ better though Hana-kimi was really sweet^^ the ideas are better but the ending really sucked…
    I repeat Yura is HOT!!!

  14. WAAAAAA….girl got game is the best comic books ever i love them aizwa is soooo HOTTTT chiharu waaaaaaa even hotter…YES i agreee

  15. (yuki = yes if only aizawa is a guy) ( suki = Yes i AGREE YURA is HOT)

  16. i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!i want to marry eniwa!

  17. Umm… who’s Aizawa!? My memory’s gone bad but I SWEAR there wasn’t anyone called Aizawa. AND YURA IS THE HOTTEST!
    -huggles Yura-
    Hehe! This has all changed to who’s hotter^^

  18. i luv girl got game it was totaly awsome^^… and yura is so hot^^!!!!!!i tried to get my frend on it and SHE LUVED IT^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all my frends luv it so much.^^

  19. I loved girl got game, it’s the most funniest manga I’ve ever read, and gets the funnier as you go along.
    It’s really good, I’d recommend it to anyone, the only drawback is that the summery on the back of the book isn’t very good. XP
    And the reason why Kyo Aizawa has to dress up as a guy to play is because it’s only for guys. Also, she didn’t was to go pretend to be a guy at first and hated her father for making her.


  21. I love this story!!!!!

  22. person who posted a comment

    yes yura is totally hot!!!!!! but chiharu is hot too, i cant decide whos hotter!!

  23. mangalover123

    I’m a huge fan of this comic book
    when does this series end??? just wondering .. and Hana Kimi stands for Hanazakari no Kimitachi E… and now it’s a Japanese drama.. it’s actually airing in Japan right now

  24. i didn’t read hanakimi yet but this one is one of the best mangas i’ve ever read :D why aizawa didn’t choose yura?? he’s so HOT! >_

  25. something’s wrong with this forum, i can’t write more than 1 line =/ i’m in love w/yura. thats all

  26. I love this series!!

  27. I love girl got game is tha best its funny and romantic

  28. omg i finished that book in 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ChiharuXKyo4EVER!

    OMG! CHIHARU AND KYO FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! They are like, soooo “meant to be”!!!!

    I LOVE YURA-KUN!!!!! HE’S SO FREAKIN SMEXY!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

    Chiharu and Kyo belong with each other, even though the ending left me hanging and a tad disappointed. But, I LOVE THE CHIHARU AND KYO PAIRING!!!!!!!! SO KAWAII!! XD

    Yura is mah smexy boy! <3

    Gotta love Girl Got Game! (Power!!),

    -ChiharuXKyo4EVER! ^^

  30. Yeah,that volume 10 ending was definely disappoint.But DID YOU GUYS READ BONUS STORY?THAT WAS BETTER… HAHAHHAAHHAAA YURA IS THE HOTTEST,I want married him I want married him!!!

  31. OMGG I really LOVED this manga,it was so funny and coool,even though i was a little dissapointed in the ending,when her dad takes her to the USA.Aizawa and Eniwa are so,like,MENT TO BE,I LOVE THAT COUPLE!!!<3<3 I laughed&cried along with characters…and I’m sad now because i finished it :(:(:(

  32. Chiharukyoyura

    I just loved it so so much !!!! but the ending was a lil dis-appointing…there wasnt much romance between kyo and eniwa….but still its worth the time u spend reading it !!! i wish i could be in it !!!

  33. It sounded really good!! I really want read it!!

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