Rurouni Kenshin Book 8

The series’ new direction begins in earnest with this volume. Kenshin has left his friends to go to Kyoto to prevent an assassination. They react as suits their temperaments: the fighter Sanosuke with rage, the caring Kaoru with depression. They feel abandoned, although duty prevents Kenshin from doing anything else. He’s trying to protect them, in his way.

Rurouni Kenshin Book 8 cover
Rurouni Kenshin
Book 8
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I was impressed by the author’s confidence in his characterization. Kenshin doesn’t even appear until halfway through the book, yet the reader has a good picture of him through the others’ reactions. My favorite chapter was the one where Kaoru and Megumi compare their hurts out of jealousy. Both have feelings for Kenshin, but he only said goodbye to one. Their passions take different forms but are both deeply felt.

As always, there are plenty of battles, symbolizing the deep emotions held by the characters, inspired by Kenshin’s example. The distinctive character designs carry through the action, humor, and drama with flair, and the bold type fits the approach and makes the story easy to read.

Later in the book, Kenshin reappears with a new character, a spunky young thief. She has his fighting talent and determination, but she’s pledged to the other side in a situation fraught with eventual conflict. She’s also very cute with her long braid and huge eyes.

This series consistently raises questions of honor and duty, lightened through humor and the cast’s zest for life. It’s a good read, especially for those seeking the excitement of adventure comics presented with a fresh approach. I have previously reviewed Book 7.


  1. Just as amazing as the rest of the series. VIVE RUROUNI!!!

  2. Kenshin14435

    I have loved this series for many years. (hence my display name)
    The action is edge of your seat in some places and then calm in others. I sometimes try to picture myself in a characters situation. Early on, when Yahiko is trying to learn Kaoru’s style of swords,(Sorry, don’t remember how to spell it)I sometimes want to strangle Kenshin for not passing on Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu to Yahiko. I also sometimes wonder what would happen if Kenshin does infact go back to the assassin way. I think that would make a good spin-off series, kind of like an alternative ending. I have all 28 volumes and the little extra part of Yahiko’s adventure in Shonen Jump Magazine. After reading this series, i have made Watsuki at the top of my list. I have all 3 of his series released in the US. I have all of Rurouni Kenshin, Buso Renkin, and Gun Blaze West. After reading Gun Blaze West, I had really wished the original manufacturing company for Watsuki in japan had not ended that series after only 3 volumes.
    I could go on for a long time about this series. I have tried to find all the other books 9-28 on here but have had no luck.
    Take Care,


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