Good Morning, Sunshine

I’m looking forward to some romantic reading coming out tomorrow: the latest volume of rock romance Sensual Phrase and a new issue of True Story, Swear to God.

In Beaucoup Kevin’s Previews rundown, he has some interesting comments on AIT/Planet Lar’s announced schedule vs. its actual.

This is the second title I’ve come across (following Seal Team Seven) that’s been resolicited with Image after originally being pushed and promoted by Larry Young’s organization. This, combined with a nagging rumor about Matt Fraction’s Five Fists of Science being in the March Image solicitations after missing its original Summer 2005 release date, makes me wonder at the state of affairs at the publisher. Flipping forward a bit in the catalog, it’s of note that this month’s solications from AiT are all in-catalog titles, this time with a focus on Warren Ellis’s work. Where’s Will Starr!, due last spring? Moonshine was due in the summer, but never appeared. Joe Casey’s Krash Bastards appears to disappeared while another title by him, Warhead, shows up in Young’s projection of the company’s 2006 titles on Newsarama.

None of these are any I’m particularly looking forward to, but I’m not a good match for the company’s macho approach to boy-targeted dumb fun comics. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the company, like any other, is having issues with creators and schedules or even projected sales not matching actual customer interest.

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