Viz’s Latest Shojo Releases

MangaBlog comments somewhat harshly on Viz’s announcement of five new shôjo titles, collections of material from Shojo Beat.

I agree that Viz should have their PR on their website as soon as it’s announced, but they’re far from the only company that has that problem. (I sometimes wonder if it’s a misguided attempt not to compete with the sites that run this kind of thing as “news” or “exclusives”.) I don’t have a problem with promoting titles when they’re on the shelves — it’s a pleasant change from hearing about books two months early and then forgetting about them when I can actually purchase them.

I also don’t have a problem with them promoting the books even though they were previously serialized. I tried the first issue of Shojo Beat, but I just like the collected format so much more. I’m glad the magazine is out there, but in my case, anyway, there’s no audience overlap.

Out of the titles listed, I’m looking forward to Baby & Me (pure cuteness) and Absolute Boyfriend (I liked the first chapter) myself. Kaze Hikaru sounds like good historical fantasy, but that’s not a genre I care much for, and Godchild seems too goth. Still, it’s a nice variety of books, and I’m sure the quality will be high, just because they’re Viz.


  1. Oops! I guess that comment came off a little harsher than I intended. I’m not faulting Viz for releasing the serials in book form–in fact, I’m glad they’re doing so, as it’s more convenient to read them that way than to go around the house picking up all the scattered copies of Shoujo Beat. As I pointed out elsewhere, they are selling me the same product twice, which is pretty smart marketing. I just thought the release was a bit breathless and a bit late.

    What I find inexcusable is the poor organization of their website. If they’re promoting a book, their search engine should be able to locate it on the site. Duh!

  2. I found it a useful lesson … I read it and thought “do I sound that way when I’m snarky?” :)

    When would you have wanted/expected to see the PR? A week before the titles were out?

    And agreed about the website … I’ve also found the problem where if I open up 3 or 4 windows into their site (for different book titles, for instance), whatever’s controlling their animated menu winds up crashing my browser. Yikes!

  3. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve liked Baby & Me. It’s cute, but the drama is done well enough so that there’s more than the cuteness. OTOH, I’m surprised that I haven’t cared for Kaze Hikaru. I find the samurai era fascinating, but the series just didn’t hold my interest (I’d love to see a story about what it was like for women in those days of political intruige, but I guess that’s more josei than shoujo.)

  4. Hmmm…. I think of a press release as something for the media, not the public, so I expect it to come out several weeks before the books, so editors would have time to assign a story and writers and reviewers would have time to write it, and the reviews would appear around the time the book hit the stores. But I guess that’s old-media thinking. Your point is well taken, Johanna–if the PR is going directly to the public, later is probably better–no more than a week before the books hit stores, so we can budget accordingly.

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