What’s Up With Iron Wok Jan?

So this past Wednesday, KC came home with the comics, including a new volume of Iron Wok Jan. I wasn’t expecting one, since it didn’t show up on the Diamond list I looked at, but that happens often, since Diamond doesn’t always ship the same things through its various warehouses in the same week these days.

So here I am with Iron Wok Jan 16. It’s been a while since DR Master has shipped a book in this series, so I pulled the previous volume off my shelf, which turned out to be 14. Hmmm. No, 15 doesn’t show up on a search of the Diamond lists. No, I don’t have 15 sitting around somewhere else. It seems that book 15 is due to ship in two weeks, on March 1st. Great planning there, DR Master.


  1. People were just talking about this over at Love Manga in regards to Nodame Cantabile 3 coming out in comic shops two weeks after NC 4. I think the consensus is that it’s Diamond, which I could believe with no problem. Of course, I don’t think Del Rey cares much about the direct market, but I’d guess DR Master might be a little more annoyed.

  2. Do you think this would happen if those publishers were exclusive with Diamond? Never mind, just speculating.

    I can believe it’s Diamond, but I also blame the publisher, because their out-of-date website says that book 15 was due out last October.

  3. I have IWJ #15 sitting right here. I got it a few months ago in a whole pack of Dr Master books. So I dunno why it isn’t listed as having come out.

  4. Don’t blame Dr. Master — they came out with their books on schedule. We had IWJ #15 back in December, and it was also available through mass-market bookstores in December as well.

    Another recent Diamond screw-up involves a few of the Del Rey Manga books, where they are shipping through Diamond out-of-order, and late. Del Rey is extremely good about shipping stuff on-time, and as far as I can tell have a 100% on-time record for their manga releases, shipping exactly on their pre-announced release dates. Yet Diamond somehow fouled that one up.

    I personally place a huge chunk of the blame on Diamond’s monopoly. If they had a direct-market competitor, screw-ups like this would be less likely to happen. As it now stands, Diamond has *no* significant incentive to improve their services to the direct market.

  5. Yeah, I noticed that my Othello #6, which Diamond just shipped, was published two months earlier. Thanks for the background, Matt. I wish there was more competition available.

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