DC Message Boards Delayed

DC has decided that their message boards aren’t annoying enough to use, so they’re going to moderate every post from anyone with fewer than 500 posts to their history. You know, it’s been a long while since I had to visit their message boards, but I knew then that it wasn’t necessarily the new users who were the troublemakers… some of the worst abuses came from the most long-standing posters, who started getting wrongly proprietary about “their” boards.

This response thread demonstrates more problems: the policy isn’t being applied consistently (perhaps due to technical error), a conversational feel is destroyed by too-long delays in approval, there’s the creation of two “classes” of posters based on verbosity, users don’t understand why such a draconian policy was imposed, people are posting junk just to up their counts, and the wrong people feel punished. (Links no longer available.)

4 Responses to “DC Message Boards Delayed”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Yeah, I remember when I first got online and found the old DC Boards on AOL. I was so enthused to find a place to talk comics with other fans, since I didn’t have anything like that here.

    Yet while I found a number of really great people to chat with, there were a number of long time posters that just made it seem like it was their club with no new members allowed.

    It just really wore a lot of my “oh, cool!” enthusiasm out after a while.

    These days on the few forums I still frequent I try to make sure and be welcoming to new voices. Even if they start old ideas long talked about (how to get new readers into comics, trades vs. singles or the like) I try to be nice and even reply to their points in a very (hopefully) friendly fashion. As I remember how much it sucked to have others say “we’ve talked about that already, you should really get with things.”

  2. Sebastian Says:

    Just went to have a look, but:

    “Due to bugs in our pre-moderation system, and the impracticality of reviewing every message before it goes live, we have lifted the pre-moderation policy. All users are now free to post without review regardless of their post count. […]”

    Seems to have caused more problems than it was worth even to them. (link)

  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the update, Sebastian! I’m glad to see they backed off of a bad decision. Hopefully this will give them the time they need to handle the troublemakers individually instead of trying to use some over-broad blanket policy.

  4. craig Says:

    still, all the more reason not to go there….what a cesspool.
    c .




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