Well, THAT explains a lot. David Caruso’s performance on CSI: Miami is so mannered and odd that some took to calling him Carusobot. Priest breaks the code with a strangely complete theory: he’s playing Batman.

I only watch the show because I really like Ainsley. I know, her name is really Emily Procter, but I will always remember her as Ainsley. Regular CSI is much better.

7 Responses to “Bat-Caruso?”

  1. craig Says:

    ahhh but CSI: NY has Eddie Cahill…..

  2. Johanna Says:

    I tried the first couple of CSI: NY episodes, but it was too dark (in more than one sense) for me. I hear they’ve changed it since then, but I already watch too many TV series.

  3. Phil Says:

    David Caruso is the main star in CSI:Miami. the show wouldn’t complete without his acting!

  4. Phil Says:

    I can’t really understand about CSI. I like CSI:Miami and NY. don’t really like normal csi!

  5. Matthew Craig Says:

    The second half of series three was less demented…right up until the last episode.

    Glad I’m not the only one who picked up on Caine’s Batisms (use of Voice, Sunglasses/Mask and shadows). I kind of wish they’d do a CSI: Miami/Batman comic, just for the antler-bashing tension of it.

    I like Caine because he’s not Grissom, and I like Grissom because he’s not Caine. Grissom, for the most part, is a dispassionate investigator. He knows that the only things that matter are the victim and the evidence. Caine takes everything personally: each crime is an affront to his sense of justice. It’s a nice balance, although I’ve just remembered Kim Delaney and her trembly, just-on-the-verge-of-a-panic-attack performance. Wonder what she’s doing now…

    I, too, like Callie. Haven’t quite gotten used to the digest-sized replacement they found for her on West Wing.

    I haven’t quite taken to Taylor, yet. His Holistic Detective act in the CSI:M episode where he first appears grated a little, but that was probably because of the camerawork, which had lard all over it. The “real” Taylor is more of a tabula rasa. He’s an ex-serviceman and a 911 widower…so what is he doing at CSI? Protecting his turf?

    In fact, series two of CSI:NY has been downright odd, so far. They’ve binned the young CSI in favour of a country mouse, the pathologist is now a forensic scientist all of a sudden (that thud you just heard is probably his pay packet dropping through the floor), and the subplots about the potentially corrupt Italian lad and the hot diner lady have vanished.

    Incidentally, overheard at my local comic shop:

    Ten year-old boy: Mom! Mom, look!
    Mother: What is it, Kelvin?
    Boy: It’s C.S.I., Mom!
    Mom: What’s that?
    Boy: C.S.I., Mom! Look, it’s Grissom! GRISSOM!


    Max Allan Collins’ CSI comics have been enjoyable reading. I’m looking forward to reading Steven Grant’s run, though.


  6. Johanna Says:

    I’d forgotten I’ve reviewed the first two comic stories, Serial and Bad Rap. Jeff Mariotte was my favorite CSI writer, but yes, Grant should be very good.

  7. Franklin Harris Says:

    There is only CSI: Vegas. Now, good day. I SAID GOOD DAY!




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