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SPX moves to October and a new location, a new convention center facility in Bethesda. Presumably the official website will have information soon, since attendees will need to change reservations. No word yet on whether there will be a bar on the show floor, an essential part of the show’s uniqueness for many.

Christopher Butcher has the BEST New York show coverage. Today’s update (link no longer available): they closed the show floor due to overcrowding. Guess those fears of a ghost town based on low preregistration didn’t take into account the number of people who just decided to go on Saturday. (Although I’d be ticked if I paid the $25 one-day fee to attend, left to get a quick lunch, and then wasn’t let back in.) His followup clarifies:

no one is getting onto the con floor right now. Not the organisers, not the press, nothing. Jonah Weiland was here and got fed up and went to lunch because he couldn’t make any of his meetings. Dude is a sponsor of the show.

Oh, well. Be careful when you wish for success, I guess.

As others have pointed out, they’re not the only show at the Javitz this weekend. (This is relevant because they only rented part of the space, and not even the biggest part, so there’s potential room to expand at the location.) I was watching some cable channel two days ago and snapped to attention when I heard something about a show at the center this weekend, but it turned out to be some travel convention where you could try out for Jeopardy, not the comic show. Although that would be a fun overlap for certain nerds.

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  1. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, NYCC selling out is great news. It means there should be a show next year and maybe I can make it to that one. Friend of mine this there now and I trying to reach him to get his impressions.

  2. Ralf Haring Says:

    It’s great news … unless you were there. Your friend’s impressions are likely one of two scenarios:
    1) he didn’t get in
    2) he got in and could barely move due to the crowd

  3. Ray Cornwall Says:

    NYCC selling out is NOT great news. A lot of people who pre-ordered tickets were not able to actully get into the sho. There’s rumors that they sold much more tickets than could get in. The security staff were rude to people who had paid lots of money to get there. In addition, the promised shuttle buses at Penn Center to the convention never showed in the morning, stranding 100 people.

    This was truly a horrible show. Oh, and refunds? Non-existent.

    Thousands of people (and a lot of kids) were turned away. These convention organizers pissed away a lot of goodwill that the comics industry has spent years trying to build. They should not be allowed to run another show. They had no idea what they were doing.

  4. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Johanna, an update, my freind was able to get in and had a great time. He said it was very crowded. He got a ton of signatures. Ray, sorry to hear about your bad experiences. However, if there is a NYCC next year, I still plan on going.

  5. ellamichelle Says:

    We could’nt get in either and were handed a form letter about how we had to send a packet of papers to the event company in the hopes of potentially getting a refund two months from now (because it clearly states refunds ARE NOT guaranteed). Also those who prepaid and pre registered for tickets got zero consideration and it didn’t save you waiting on any line whatsoever.

    Staff was both inept and rude, and gave many turned away attendees misinformation as to how to get their money back.

    for those interested in the full miserable experience, i’ve written about it in detail at

  6. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] More people are posting coverage of the problems with the New York show. Here’s a piece discussing the “frightening mismanagement” of a show that wouldn’t let in prepaid visitors and refused to offer on-site refunds, instead demanding requests be mailed in while saying “Refunds are not guaranteed.” That’s just asking for legal action, and the conspiracy theories are already beginning (from the same piece): I find it quite suspect that despite a supposed impromptu visit from the fire marshall and the building being over capacity being blamed for the fiasco, that an otherwise completely inept event staff just happened to have rejection/refund forms all printed and ready on official New York Comic Con stationary. Factor in that many poor souls were directed to the website (which as of the time of this writing has no relevant information whatsoever) and the few that did get the letters were not informed to get a required signature from a staff member, it almost seems a deliberate money grab on the part of Reed Exhibitions (the event staff). […]

  7. C.J. Says:

    I didn’t even get a form for a refund. After about 2 hours of waiting, a man on a megaphone informed the ridiculous line that it would be a 4 to 5 hour wait (It was 2pm by then) and that they would either issue full refunds or give you a “priority pass” for the next day. Which sucks for you if you bought a weekend pass.

    A woman came around with notebook paper and took our names down, which doesn’t make sense…how am I supposed to get a refund from that? I was also given a business card of the VP of New York Comic-con.

    It’s if you are interested in giving him a piece of your mind.

  8. Tom Crippen Says:

    It was my first convention in 30 years and I had a good time. Got there Saturday at 9:40 am, stood on line 90 mins, spent 6 or 7 hours wandering from panel to panel.

    People everywhere, lines everywhere. But I had nothing to compare it with, so it didn’t seem so bad. I thought they were all waiting for Kevin Smith or Frank Miller.

    My green wristband slipped off 20 minutes after I got in, but no one ever challenged me. Of course I couldn’t get on to the exhibition floor, but nobody else could. Everything worked out.

    I really liked the DC panels. Man, that Didio is a blast.

  9. Jose Says:

    This con was a disaster and was reminiscent of the one about ten or so years ago at the Javits that ended the same way. I bought tickets two weeks in advance and thought I was guaranteed admission, boy was I wrong. Got there Saturday and was turned away by rude Reed Expo drones. I was able to grab ahold of the VP of Reed who gave me the e-mail address of the President, Please, please, please write to him, write to the papers and write to anyone who will listen. I’ve already filed with the Better Business Bureau in anticipation of not getting my money back (I paid with cash). If you paid by credit card, call the issuing bank and tell them you want to chargeback. They will get you your money back.
    I’ve been to the San Diego Con four times and have never experienced anything like this.




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