Manga Updates

I’ve updated the following manga pages with information on the newest volumes:

In Othello book six, Yaya and her alternate personality Nana are finally forced to confront each other.

Hot rock couple Aine and Sakuya find their relationship stressed by an over-possessive fan in Sensual Phrase book twelve. Plus, a band member might be just a little too close to his sister.

The students have just taken part in a high fashion photo shoot in Hana-Kimi book ten, which complicates Mizuki’s infatuation with her roommate Sano. The creator uses the storyline to comment on the power of visual imagery in a multi-leveled way.

Speaking of which, in movies, the classic triangle is girl, boy girl likes, and the best friend of one of them who also likes the girl. In Hana-Kimi, the triangle is girl who pretends to be boy, boy roommate who knows her secret but doesn’t let on, and another boy who thinks she’s a boy but loves her anyway, causing him to confront his fears that he’s gay. Manga is wacky fun.


  1. And in another weird example of strange manga scheduling, the final volume of Othello comes out this week and is already in bookstores.

    Not that I’m complaining, because I love this series. Oh, and I like what I’ve read so far of Sensual Phrase, too!

  2. At least I’m used to being behind. Diamond’s “customer service” strikes again.

    Glad you like SP! It was a very pleasant surprise to me when I started reading it, and it’s still holding up well.

  3. It’s like stealth josei! You don’t expect it to be quite as mature as it is, and the protagonist is really interesting!

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