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TwoMorrows sent out the following promotion:

If you like comics fan mags, boy, are you gonna hate this! It’s COMIC BOOK NERD, PETE VON SCHOLLY’s side-splitting parody of the fan press, including our own mags! Experience the magic(?) of such publications as Whizzer, the Comics Urinal, Ultra Ego, Comics Buyer’s Guise, Bagged Issue!, Comic Book Meatmarket, Scrawl!, Comic Book Artiste, Purviews, and more, as we unabashedly poke fun at ourselves, our competitors, and you, our loyal readers!

There was more, but it was all the same kind of thing. It’s planned for June at $8.95 US. My question is: why?

Presumably only people who already buy and read these magazines are going to see this, let alone buy it. It seems like something with no natural audience that will annoy the only people likely to think about purchasing it. $9 is a lot to pay to be made fun of.

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  1. Chris Arrant Says:

    I was of the same opinion. Comics readership is a small demographic, and if you parse that further by devoting it just to parodyof comics magazine it makes for a small pool of potential readers.

    The idea of a parody/satire of comic book culture would be great, but done through this lens doesn’t sound too promising.

  2. Dan Coyle Says:

    Well, making fun of fans won Evan Dorkin an Eisner, so…

  3. Ray Cornwall Says:

    As much as I like TwoMorrows’s work, they may be slipping. The Dark Age book was littered with typos and errors. I hope this isn’t an indication that their best days are behind them.

  4. Dorian Says:

    Comic fans seem to have a weird reaction to parody. If it’s a “loving” mockery from another comic fan, or a publisher making fun of their own work, they seem okay with it. If it’s too biting, or comes from outside the comics industry, they react extremely negatively, almost venomously to it.

    I expect this project might do okay, especially if the fan press over-all reacts favorably to it. Marvel made parody mags of Marvel comics a pet industry for awhile there, and even the recent “What Huh” seemed to do okay. Despite not being, you know, the slightest bit funny.

  5. pete von sholly Says:

    As the fellow primarily responsible for the upcoming COMIC BOOK NERD magazine, I find all these comments very interesting. I have no idea how people will react to this mag, but I suggest you check it out a little more thoroughly by looking at some actual previews which I think are forthcoming in next month’s Previews and on the twomorrows website. Then if you hate it, you actually hate it. But it was a lot of fun making the thing and it’s not as mean-spirited as it might sound… at least it’s not supposed to be!

  6. Johanna Says:

    I went looking for previews, since I assumed that TwoMorrows would have updated their website before sending out the press release to the media, but no such luck. If the PR isn’t representing the project accurately, that’s a shame.

  7. Kelson Says:

    Dorian: I don’t think that’s a weird reaction at all. It’s true of almost any social unit, from family members to groups of friends to subcultures to races or nations. People will accept a lot more teasing or criticism from someone they perceive as being in the same group than they will from an outsider.

    It’s kind of like the boy who picks on his younger brother, but will ferociously defend that same brother from anyone else.

    Or maybe a better example would be friends who tease each other constantly, but will band together if anyone outside the group tries to do the same thing.

    You’ll accept things from your friends because you know it’s intended in jest, and you know that’s not all they think of you, and they’ll back you up when it counts. An outsider? You have no idea what side he’s on, whether he knows anything about you other than the stereotype, whether believes the stereotype, whether he’s teasing or just being mean.

  8. pete von sholly Says:

    Some hype on COMIC BOOK NERD is viewable here:

    BUT let me hasten to add the mag is not a collection of faux covers; each cover is followed by articles, text pages, letter columns etc.

  9. John Morrow Says:

    Just wanted to mention that the preview of Comic Book Nerd is now up at:

    Click on the link, but keep in mind it’s a sizeable PDF file (need to get across all the great stuff Pete Von Sholly put in). Hope you like it!




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