New York Comic-Con… Over But Not Forgotten

Not tired yet of hearing about the New York Comic-Con problems? Here’s more coverage.

Newsday reports on the crowding and brief comments from the show’s director, who promises “Those who were turned away Saturday will be receiving gift bags, refunds and advance invitations to next year’s convention.” No word on how to request those goodies if you were one of those turned away.

Newsarama also talked to him on the Sunday of the show, getting apologies and more detail on what they’re trying to do to improve.

At the Engine (link no longer available), Jackie Estrada, a woman who knows conventions, discusses the difference in cost between this show and others.

The Javits Center is incredibly expensive to hold shows in, so I’m guessing that Reed went with the least expensive area of the Center at the least expensive time of year. And they still had to charge a lot for booths, much more than any other comics show. We (Exhibit A Press) looked into exhibiting and found that a 10′ x 10′ booth was (base rate) $1770 for two days (plus 3 hours on Friday), which is more than we pay for a corner booth in San Diego for four days (plus 2 hours on Wednesday). When you add in the costs of travel, booth setup, shipping, etc. we knew there was no way we could make back even half the costs. And you can see why not too many exhibitors took more than one booth or had the more elaborate setups you might see at other comics shows.

Most of USA Today‘s article is about films and movie people connected to the show, just like San Diego coverage.

I knew someone would bring up Teamsters rumors.

Tom Spurgeon provides a comprehensive link list and insightful analysis if you’d like to read more.

Last, you tell ‘em, John! Brad Metzler puts his foot in his mouth AGAIN at his convention panel. If his rape storyline was so meaningful / significant / well-handled, why is he STILL trying to justify it, and so clumsily, too?

7 Responses to “New York Comic-Con… Over But Not Forgotten”

  1. John Jakala Says:

    For my money, Neilalien has the best take on the overcrowding fiasco at NYCC: It’s simply not two equal balanced sides of the story when it’s mostly industry people having a great time and mostly the consumers having a lousy time.

  2. James Schee Says:

    Anyone want to start a pool on how long into his JLOA run we get before a female character gets defiled, brutalized and perhaps murdered?

    (I’m saying page 10 of issue #1.)

    I guess on one hand it is great that there was such interest in the show, and that the pros had a great time. On the other hand, if so many people went away unhappy, I gotta wonder how many of that interest will come back.

  3. Johanna Says:

    Great point, John. That was the focus of the pre-show promotion that I found so surprising, too — lots of concentration on the industry, little on the fans. I guess that’s the way a trade show company thinks about things.

  4. Morts Says:

    Oh good, i’m not the only one who found that ton be a very, very poor juxtiposition. It could be the writer of the article’s fault though.

  5. ellamichelle Says:

    I just sent out the paperwork for my supposed refund for NYCC via certified mail (this way I know it was definately recieved) this morning. If at some point anything develops I’ll post it.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Please let us know — I’ll be curious to hear what happens.

  7. Jim Caldwell Says:

    If you haven’t read it already, there’s also the write-up from Publisher’s Weekly’s Comics Week newsletter. “For those who were able to get in, the show was profitable and enjoyable, despite the hassles and disorganization.”

    It may be a cheap shot, but I couldn’t help noting that it was profitable before it was enjoyable.

    I do think that if the organizers do swiftly and smoothly make amends (in the varied forms of refunds, “guest invitations,” booby-prize swag, etc.), and are able to secure a much larger hall while retaining the impressive guest-list, this should be nothing more than a regrettable footnote and learning experience for a great annual convention in New York.




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