life is humiliation

life is humiliation is an odd little minicomic with fresh ideas done in an incredibly primitive style. Boyce’s pacing is skilled; he knows when to get in, and more importantly, to get out to avoid boring the reader.

His recurring character, the man with a hole in his head, is silly humor if taken literally and thought-provoking cultural commentary if taken symbolically. (For example, the man searches for things to fill the hole and discovers that sex is cheaper than drugs.) Boyce pushes the concept just this side of too far, pulling back before it becomes ludicrous, before the reader thinks about the exaggeration of the premise.

There’s also a happy dancing man that’s gleeful, and a vampire snail with pretensions. He calls himself Dave the Nosferatu Escargot and has big problems finding prey that will sit still long enough. (I loved this combination of unexpected concepts.) The lengthy story that’s previewed at the link above is more meaningful than some of the other odd ideas included, demonstrating a range of mood.

This is a promising sampler of interesting ideas expressed simply and directly.

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  1. Alex Berry Says:

    Genius. There is no man alive that leaves my toilet not in fits of laughter. Not bad for £1.50

  2. Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] This section is labeled “the author meets his creation they have an argument then some other stuff happens”. I suspect many creators think that this kind of approach is modern and “deconstructive”, but I’ve seen it so many times that to me, it reads as “I couldn’t bother to come up with a story or convince you why it’s worthwhile, so I’m copping out.” I quit and moved on to the flipside, “more humilation!”, a followup to his previous life is humiliation. […]




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