Absolute Boyfriend Book 1

Schoolgirl Riiko isn’t special in any way. She’s flat-chested, over-anxious, not conventionally pretty, and too eager to crush on guys who reject her. She’s living by herself while her parents travel, and taking care of housework is beyond her skills.

Just as she’s not taken seriously by the guys in her class, boy-next-door Soshi is similarly overlooked by her. He’s competent and caring, if a little dull, but he also picks on her the way a brother would, teasing her about everything she’s most sensitive about. He helps take care of her, given her parents’ absence, keeping her apartment habitable and providing nutritious food. She takes this for granted and doesn’t realize that his teasing and caretaking indicate deeper feelings for her.

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Absolute Boyfriend
Book 1
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Riiko bumps into a mysterious salesman who gives her the web address of a secret site called the Lover Shop. As a gag, she fills out an order form for a three-day trial of an artificial boyfriend. She’s really surprised when a box arrives and a naked boy falls out. (According to the author’s notes, that’s the image that spawned the series.) A kiss activates him, and suddenly she’s got the perfect guy.

Because the message of these types of series is usually “be careful what you wish for”, Riiko’s now got more problems. Having such a gorgeous guy devoted to her draws attention she’s uncomfortable with and questions she doesn’t know how to answer. He’s willing to sleep with her, but she’s not ready for that much physical attraction. Plus, because she can’t count correctly, there’s now the matter of his bill; she’s on the hook for $1 million.

Riiko is a change of character for Watase. Her other works I’ve read featured spunky young good-hearted girls who just needed the right crisis situation to show how terrific they were, get the guy, and save the world. This one’s much less outstanding, just a normal everyday girl. She’s often over her head and completely unsure of what to do, especially without family to take care of her or advise her. She really wants a living teddy bear, someone to cuddle, more than she does a boyfriend.

Watase’s art is as lovely as ever, which emphasis on faces made distinctive through their visible emotion. Characters’ feelings are never in question, although they may change suddenly, which helps make this an accurate portrayal of young love confusion and mean girl-type bullying.

Absolute Boyfriend is similar in premise to a gender-reversed Chobits, but the tone is different. There are few explorations of the nature of identity or what it means to love; instead, it’s heavier on the comedy. That’s especially true of the last half of the first book, where the boyfriend starts going to school with Riiko, and she has to keep his nature a secret from the other students, including the suspicious Soshi. The contrast between the two boys parallels that between the emotional and the physical, or the head and the body.

Watase previously created Fushigi Yûgi, Alice 19th, and Imadoki!


  1. This book actually is really good, from my opinion. What Riiko went throuhgh in the beginning of the book was really messed up and I can imagine there are people out there that can relate… I wonder why there arent more comments on this book ahha well i guess im the first … all u manga readers should check this book out its really sweet but hella funny..

  2. i thought this manga was pretty good. it has a mix of romance comedy and drama int it… i think you should go buy it!!!

  3. i actually like reading this manga. its cool! it has romance, drama, and a lil bit of jokes.

  4. awesome book has love and comedy wat could be better

  5. I have to admit that this manga has become a guilty pleasure for me. I’ve already finished the story from Volume 1-6 (due to scanslations released in previous years), so I was pleased to finally own the physical copy of Volume 1. I don’t mind going through the story again. This has easily become a favorite manga of mine despite the fanservice and somewhat simple story. It’s really lots of fun.

  6. This is my first Manga I bought and read. I read it in the first day and loved every bit of it! Can’t wait until volume 2! ^_^

  7. Yay! Welcome to manga!

  8. This book was amazing…..EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT!!!!!! well i love it. Iv only read 1 and 2 and i cant wait to read three

  9. at first, when i saw this book on the shelf, ihought it was ANOTHER book about love and whatever…

    but when i became curious about it, it turned out to be a fantastic book about life lesson and love

    i would reconmend it to ANYONE!!

    AWSOMEE =)

    ~~~ elFy

  10. i think this manga was awesome!!!! ^.^


  11. I was curious about this series. So I started to read the scanlations of it that I found. And I must admit that I really like the series so far. Of course I thought the same of Hot Gimmick by Miki Aihara and I was disappointed at the end. But I think Absolute Boyfriend might be better since I find my self laughing (as much as I can laugh without my family thinking I’ve went crazy ^_^) I think I might actually start collecting the physical copies.

  12. It’s a great story. I love every book yuu waste makes

  13. when is this manga coming out? so far i have read chapter one and two of this manga..and i wanted more…please…i have been waiting for this at this time…

  14. I know it’s been a while, but the third book is due out next month (January 2007).

  15. i like dis book hahahaha

    its pretty intresting even though its for gurls haha

    but yeah i wonder if there going to make an anime of this but other than that its a very great book to read if you like fantasy romance

    err sumthing like dat

  16. I love dis book. Itz very interesting. I cant wait 2 get the third one.

  17. I thought that the manga was super funny ^_^. I just got it yesturday and finished it today. I really like the story line and how there is so much comedy! I usually read manga’s like Hellsing, but this one is most defanetly a must reader! n.n

  18. While Absolute Boyfriend wasn’t Watase’s best works, I still found myself enjoying the manga. Watase switches from an epic/adventure romance genre to contemporary romance in this manga, and the transition is excellant, but the whole storyline to me is pretty weak and expected. Yes, the manga is very funny, but it was lacking seriousness compared to her other mangas, and I believe that this is what made it somewhat weak. But overall, I give the manga about a 7. The art was excellant as well!

  19. So what would you do if you came home to find a huge box in you house and when you open it a really hot naked guy falls out? Freak out ? Me too…..form the begin to the end this manga is romantic and haliours. I would recommend it to anyone that likes silly cute little romances.

  20. I LOVE ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND!!!!!! =) hilaroius! (and a bit sad at the end…) =(

  21. heather blumindale

    i really want to read this book ive read every other 1 by watase yu and i loved them all and i like these silly romance books i love them all i cant wait to read them im going to order them right now >.

  22. […] thought Absolute Boyfriend Book 1 had some interesting observations about male/female relations, but now the series has turned into a […]

  23. After reading chapter 14 in a manga magazine, I found that I actually really liked the series (therefor decided to read the scans online). And found myself laughing, crying and yelling along with the punchlines. Sometimes, though, I agree with Riiko’s feelings and choices while others I think she’s downright mad! Personally I dont know how in hell her concience wasnt eating away at her for dating a robot.. But thats just Riiko for you. My favorite character in the book really varied throughout the novels. First, I thought Night was – then it quickly changed and stayed at Soshi for the way he turned around his sarcastic and annoying (but hilariously funny) attitude and quickly showing his more sensitive and caring side (once hidden behind a mask of teasing and jests). If you get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend this book (no matter what other reviews say) – so give it a chance.


  24. I think that this is a very funny, and cute manga… I think it is good to take a breather from Yuu’s other more intense books and sit down and read a short little fun one like this… my friend owns books 1-3 and she convinced me to read them and I’m glad too. Seriously, I looked over this book until, I think it was when I noticed the front cover of the first one. ^_~ if you know what I mean… lol.. I think that everyone should take a break from what they are curently reading and read this light one.

  25. I LOVed it!!!!!!!!!!!! It as romance, drama everything i love in a book!!!!!!!

  26. Bobby Do'urden

    OMG!@!!!!!!! i effing luv this book i’ve read like the 1st 6y times already!!! (i’m still waiting for the 2nd and 3rd) It is romantic and hilarious and i can relate to what Riko is goin through in the 1st one!!!
    omg i totally reccomend this bookto any1 who is into drama and laughing outloud and your dogs are lookin at you crazy!!!! luv u all!

  27. OMG! I have been an Absolute Boyfriend Fanatic since the first act!!! I totally am a Riko at my school. I love the nerd Guy that is actually hot(Shosi) and like the hot guy everyone adores (Night). I love it!!! If u dont then well :( I don’t Like You!!! It is AWESOME!!

  28. OMG i love this book its like hella tight…well yea i just had a really good time reading it ^^

  29. OMG!!!!!! publish book three already!

  30. Book three is out already.

  31. haha i really liked this book, it was funny lmao x]

  32. this book is so good. its so sexy and romantic.. ive bought all 3 books an read them so many times i just about memorized it by heart!

    i love it an cant wait till the next issue comes out!

  33. I just came across this image by accident and then decided it looked intersting. Just curious, is this series animated? Or is it just a book??

  34. i like really loved this book and the author since i reed this book ive reed every single book of that author â™ yuu watase

  35. I love this book1 it’s the only manga i have read but it great, it’s romantic, and it’s funny1 I read 1 and 2 but my friend who owns the books wouldn’t let me read 3 and 4 until the next day to torture me i couldn’t wait so i waited till she fell asleep and read it with my mini-light in another room.. it’s was so good i couldn’t stand to wait…

  36. I read this manga all the way through, every issue until it ended, and while I liked it at first, the way it ends KILLED it for me…It’s a terrible way to end it and I would NOT recommend this manga for anyone (at least anyone with a heart). Don’t get sucked in~~~and Soshis’ a jerk BTW.

  37. crystalcloud

    i really wont read a manga if i dont like the art, i mean it can be the BEST story in the world and i STILL wont read it if the art sux! but yuu watase work is so good! and nights and gaku the best! and there way hot!( wont read if i dont think someones hot from the start)i’ve been reading this page and not likeing what i see… is something bad ganna happen to night!? wait wait wait!!! dont tell me im only on vol.4…. oh and im with wendy soshi is a jerk!!!>.<

  38. When I first say this book, I fell in love with the cover page. Once I started to read it, I COULDN’T STOP. When I was done with it, I was kinda upset becasue, now I have to wait to go to the story and buy the next book.

  39. I recently have read Yuu Watase’s Absolute Boyfriend and I loved it! Not only that, but I read the first tree books in less than two hours, once you start, it’s really hard to stop and as the series progresses you think of yourself as Riiko and what her life must be like, if you were living alone while your parents are away, what would you do? Most kids would throw a party. Me? I’d order a guy to come to my door and sweep me off my feet, just like Night, (^_^) ahhh *sigh*

  40. Soo… how many guys have read this series or checked it out online? I thought it’s pretty good, despite being a guy. I’m not some tomgirl or anything (hell i think you would just call these people gay), but i actually found this one to be good. Along with Metamo Kiss, which i just finished. So any responses?

  41. I just started reading absolute Boyfriend, and i’m now completely in love and addicted to it! There’s also a drama from Japan of this. it’s called Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi). It’s also very good too!

  42. hello i was wanna say that is abeutiful story

  43. i really, really h8 the ending!!! like.. ummm waht the heck???! night died? just like that??

  44. oh ya, have any of u guys herd of Ceres?? yuu waste’s book! personally, i think the book is actually rated FOR OLDER TEEN!! im not even a a teen yet~ (^O^)!!

  45. Stephanie Roybal

    Love Love Love the book I can’t wait to read the last one

  46. OMG……I just turned 13 and once I started reading absolute boyfriend I fell in love with NIGHT! I LOVE NIGHT.

  47. so how i got obsessed with Absolute Boyfriend is my sister told me to read the first chapter and it was love at firstr sight i litteraly kept reading till i my mom and sisters pulled me away by turnibg the computer time even then i would find some way to sneak on and so now i am at chapter 13 and i love nightb but parcially feel bad for soshi

  48. I just finished reading volume 6 and I have to be honest and say that I cried over the ending.I was totally hoping that it would end like Bicentennial Man, but I guess that’s life. Either way I fell in love with night and loved every page of it.

  49. christine smith

    i love this book as i have all 6 it even made me cry at some points ^^ its that good but i love it and i recommend this book to everyone as it is very special in my life now ^^ x whenever i feel down i read this book and i feel happy and so in my comfit zone which is good for you. ^^ xxxx 5/5

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