Vote for Rising Stars of Manga

Voting has opened for Rising Stars of Manga 6 (link no longer available). Read 20 manga stories at that link, then vote for your favorite before March 22.

If you want pointers towards which ones might be worth your time, Irresponsible Pictures (link no longer available) has short reactions that I found spot-on, and Telophase has longer reviews in two parts. (via MangaBlog)

Here’s a hint to future contest entrants — name your story as close to the front of the alphabet as possible. If readers are like me, they start clicking at the top of the list, and they get tired of reading online easily. If you’re down in the Ts, they may give up before they get to you. Coincidentally, of the 10 or so stories I tried, the one I liked best was the first one, “10 Simple Rules”. Funny and well-done, with an original concept.

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