Two-Fisted Science

Jim Ottaviani is a pioneer in the field of non-fiction comics, publishing entertaining biographies of scientists in combination with some of the most talented artists working today. Although many fear true-life stories, especially those involving science, will be dull, his books are very readable, grabbing the reader from the first page. They also include enlightening notes and references for those who want to know more about the histories and lives of the subjects.

Two-Fisted Science includes stories illustrated by Mark Badger, Donna Barr, Sean Bieri, Colleen Doran, David Lasky, Steve Lieber, Lin Lucas, Bernie Mireault, Scott Roberts, Scott Saavedra, and Rob Walton, with a cover by Paul Chadwick.

Two-Fisted Science cover
Two-Fisted Science
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This, Ottaviani’s first collection, is something of a grab bag. He seems to be feeling his way, presenting more familiar stories and gathering experience at comic scripting. The content varies in subject matter and length, from Donna Barr’s two pages of bookends to Bernie Mireault’s three-part story of some of Richard Feynman’s escapades in safecracking.

Feynman stories make up a large part of the book. I don’t blame Ottaviani for wanting to have anecdotes about such a colorful figure illustrated, but as a result, the material may be familiar to many people with a passing interest in physics. That said, my favorite piece in the book is David Lasky’s lengthy story of how Feynman fell in love, got married, and sadly watched his wife die.

In other stories, Scott Roberts brings welcome humor and caricature to the story of Galileo’s battles with the church over his telescopic investigations, while Sean Bieri turns Newton and Leibniz’s fights over calculus into a literal barroom brawl. Later, Steve Lieber’s gorgeous figure work shows Bohr, Heisenberg, and Schrodinger debating quantum atomic behavior under Nazi observation.

The GT Labs website has more information, including preview pages.

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