Two Thought Provokers

Lyle on Iron Triangles (link no longer available), otherwise known as self-fulfilling prophecies.

a self-perpetuating cycle with customers not showing enough interest in comics that appeal to women, publishers not publishing comics aimed at women because they sell poorly and then women being under-represented in comics’ consumer base because they’re not finding enough material that they find interesting.

Ed Cunard on supporting independent comics and the problems with Team Comics.

Maybe it’s getting older. Maybe it’s losing passion. Maybe it’s my slow slide towards cynical entropy. Maybe Tom Spurgeon, bad influence that he is, helped me decide that I don’t have to support a comic book just because it is self-published or from a small press when he wrote about the “Team Comics” mentality in The Comics Journal #250.

Or, taking it more in the glass half-full way, maybe it’s because I am seeing success stories–books like Black Hole doing well in the bookstore trade and at certain comics shops; NPR features on Persepolis, R. Crumb and Dan Clowes; seeing First Second ads in almost every Publisher’s Weekly newsletter I get (and not just the comics-related ones); films like A History of Violence and the upcoming Art School Confidential that show others are getting hip to the idea that “comics” doesn’t necessarily mean “superheroes,” even if the vox populi of online fandom doesn’t voice it; manga and graphic novels becoming a major force in mainstream publishing (even if some still maintain that manga isn’t comics, for whatever reason).

I know I’m skewing my “yays” towards things I like, but that’s a bias I can’t hide from–the successes and failures of companies like CrossGen, Dreamwave, Speakeasy and Alias make interesting talking points for me, but they’re not things I invest in. That could be what’s getting in my way of fully embracing the Independents’ Day idea–companies like the ones just mentioned aren’t the ones I’m thinking can “save” an industry. They’re a dime a dozen–people dreaming of “making it big,” or whatever, but going about it without any solid business plan.

Lots more at the link.

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  1. James Schee Says:

    Ed, and I seem to be in the same boat. Slightly less than a year ago I realized that I didn’t want to save the comic industry.

    If I can’t approach it in the same way that I approach movies or music –buy what I want, in the format I want, when I want and be reasonably sure I’ll like it– then eh.

    I found myself sort of shaking my head at the guy’s suggestion of fans not picking up their regular superhero comic. Yeah, that’ll go over REALLY well. At least he should have put in “if you’re not really enjoying *superhero book* try this rather than yet another issue.”




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