Archie’s Double Digest #168

Living in the Southeast US, we don’t often get a lot of traditional winter weather. That makes this issue even more of an exercise in escapism, as many of the stories feature snow or winter sports. It’s a fun glimpse of a different kind of seasonal events.

Archie's Double Digest #168 cover
Double Digest #168

It begins with a formula piece by Mike Pellowski, Jeff Shultz, and Jon D’Agostino. While his buddies talk about how thankful they are that winter will be over soon, Archie praises the season for skating, skiing, snowboarding, and cuddling by the fire. Of course, the twist ending causes his attitude to flip-flop when snow prevents him from doing something he wanted to do.

Some of the stories are more ridiculous than others. Archie stuck in a blizzard, for example, is played for comedy, but it requires playing along in order to avoid thinking about the very real danger of frostbite or exposure. Stories about snowball fights and snow boot fashion take lighter tones. A couple of stories set up the characters to be nostalgic about their old wooden sleds, which worked in creating in me the same mood. Other stories find humor in snow cleanup, whether shoveling or mopping slush. Some even show snowshoes.

There are also non-seasonal stories featuring the kids getting a phone at school, looking for work, and a set of Little Archie tales. Overall, a nice thick package of cozy winter reading.

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